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"I used to come here two years ago in recovery from drugs, alcohol,unemployed, single and hopeless. I came back with a wife, kid, job and 7 years sober. God healed my wife from a broken tailbone. Amen!"

- Manuel on July 17th, 2017
Entered online Aug 2nd, 2017
Northshore Healing Rooms

"Visitor returns with testimony: Again he has been healed! And this time - life restored. This sweet little dog has experienced physical, spiritual, & emotional abuses - life seemed to be fading away. Fortunately his owner takes authority, inviting us to join together in prayer! It's such a treat to us, here at Healing Rooms of Idaho Falls, to witness the loving mercy of God for all of his creation! "

- S. L. on January 19th, 2017
Entered online Jan 21st, 2017
Healing Rooms of Idaho Falls, at

"I went in for prayer on my tail bone area. I thought something went wrong after loosing weight because I ended up having pain when ever I sat down. After being prayed for the prayer minister was given a word concerning slander that was spoken against me. When that was broken off the prayer for healing manifested, it was so simple and gentle. The Lord told me "it's easy for me". Since then I've been pain free. When ever any thoughts should come into my thoughts that should cast doubt, I rebuke it as lies. Then a peace would come over me. Praise the Lord!"

- Donna L. on January 27th, 2016
Entered online Jan 28th, 2016
Spokane Healing Rooms

""My tail bone has been hurting for two years since I fell in a soccer game. "One day, coming to the Healing Rooms, God healed me! I feel no more pain in my tail bone!""

- R.B. on March 6th, 2014
Entered online Mar 6th, 2014
Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains

"I injured my back while at work on 9/26/08. Since then, I've been unable to bend, lift, squat, sit for long periods or stand. The physician has been unable to diagnose the precise area for the diability. They said I had 2 partially ruptured discs and a broken tail bone, torn ligaments and among other things. I haven't been able to walk or do anything since 9/26/08. The pain had been intense despite all kinds of medication. Now, after receiving prayer I am sitting without pain and am able to walk, stretch and touch my toes without pain! Praise the Lord!"

- Michael K. on October 6th, 2009
Entered online Oct 6th, 2009
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I fell down a staircase when I was sixteen years old and cracked my tailbone. I may have actually broken it, but I never saw a doctor. It was at least six months of constant pain at the time. Every since then - for 29 years - it has caused me pain off and on, especially when sitting for any length of time. In fact, it was getting sore tonight and then Bill Johnson asked for anyone with a broken tailbone to stand. I did and when I put my hand on it to pray I felt like an electrical current go down my arm and hand into my tailbone and the pain left! (Spiritual Hunger Conference)"

- Teresa S. on September 13th, 2008
Entered online Sep 26th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

"A friend of mine called me the other day and suggested that I come in to the Healing Rooms. I knew it was from the Lord. While they were praying for me I could feel my tail bone moving. It was the first time in four months that I have no pain. Praise the name of the most high God. Thank you for being here in this ocmmunity for those in need. The prayer team also addressed some other issues I was dealing with--physically and emotionally. I know these things were holding me back from being and doing the things the Lord wanted me to do and be. I feel the Lord is excited about getting on with things."

- Katherine H. on March 16th, 2005
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I fell three times while roller staking at a brithday party for twin boys--9 years old. The third time I fell I cracked my tailbone and was hurt very badly. Of cousre we prayed and God began His healing touch and power. After coming to the Healing Rooms for something different, I was praying in the War Room while waiting to be prayed for. My son was also in the War Room praying. The Holy Spirit spoke to my son and told him to put his hand upon my back. So, he did, and when he touched me I felt this incredible heat. It slowly moved down my back, passed my bottom to my tail bone and the heat stayed there for a long time. I knew that the Lord was healing my tailbone completely. Praise God, all Glory and Honor be to Him who has healed us all. Thank you, Jesus!"

- Linda M. on October 21st, 2005
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I fell three times while rollerskating. The third time I fell I cracked my tail bone and was hurt very badly. Of course we prayed and God began his healing touch and power. After coming to the Healing Rooms for something different, I was praying in the war room and my son heard the Holy Spirit say to put his hand on my back. So he did. when he touched me, I felt this incredible heat. It moved slowely down my back and stayed there for a long time. I knew that the Lord was healing my tail bone. Praise God! I am healed!"

- Linda M. on October 21st, 2001
Entered online Nov 8th, 2005
Spokane Healing Rooms

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