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Testimonies: Head Injury
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"HEALED I came to the Oxnard Healing Rooms because I was in need of Godâs healing. I was in a very bad accident and came to the Oxnard healing Rooms and met these wonderful people that prayed for me. I was healed of my neck, shoulder and major headache pain. God is good! If you let Him into your heart can heal any bad thing thatâs going on in life."

- Ralph F. on March 9th, 2016
Entered online Aug 5th, 2016
Oxnard Healing Rooms

""What began as an investigation ended with a healing! Through the prayers and the laying on of hands, my neck, spine and shoulders were healed of an injury that has caused my neck to fuse (the bone remolded that area of my spine, trying to correct an injury that occurred when I was an infant). As they prayed for me it felt like a very hot liquid was poured down my back and it spread to my legs, and shoulders, moving down my legs. I felt my neck popping and cracking and loosening up. Now I can touch my chin to each shoulder and I can look up. Isn't God just Awesome'""

- Claudia L. on November 15th, 2014
Entered online Nov 15th, 2014
In His Presence Healing Room

"God told me He would give me the key to unlock the burden/weight I've carried & haven't been able to lose, before we left Portland. Today I was healed of; arthritis in hands, head trauma, left knee cartilage worn out, neck & back stiffness, and hip pain. This was all a result of 38 years ago in a car accident without a seat belt in a head on collision with a concrete culvert. In the collision, my hands went through the windshield which resulted in numbness and arthritis off and on. (Tonight I felt heat and no more pain). I received a head trauma which resulted in foggyness and memory loss. Recently this has been much worse, but tonight it feels very clear as I felt something lift off. My knee was hurting during the speaker and now I have no pain or stiffness. My neck and back now feels relaxed with no pain. My hips would normally hurt with standing for more than 15 minutes and my outer thighs would go numb. Tonight I felt my pelvis shift and adjust & my stomach lift."

- Marilyn I. on January 5th, 2012
Entered online Jan 5th, 2012
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Healed of blindness in right eye of 26 years due to a head trauma."

- Tammy M. on January 5th, 2012
Entered online Jan 5th, 2012
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I was healed earlier this year of a 5 year neck injury where I was bucked off a horse on to my head. I laid hands on my own neck and commanded it to be healed in the name of Jesus after listening to a CD of yours with a testimony of a man healed from a neck injury."

- Veronica R. on January 4th, 2012
Entered online Jan 4th, 2012
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I suffered a traumatic brain injury in 94. Today my head and neck have been healed."

- Sara L. on December 23rd, 2011
Entered online Dec 23rd, 2011
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Healed from what the enemy had stolen from me. My body began to tingle and shake during prayer. I knew Jesus broke off those shackles. Also, my husband had a childhood brain injury which resulted in dyslexia, memory loss, and an injured back. He was also totally healed."

- Trini V. on December 23rd, 2011
Entered online Dec 23rd, 2011
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Written by Linda, Roy's wife wrote: On Feb. 25th, 2010 Roy was body surfing in Mexico. He was slammed into the beach, head first, and injured his spinal cord at C3 and C4. He was paralyzed from the neck down, face down in the ocean. Eventually he took in water and suffered cardiac arrest. After an undetermined amount of time he was drug out of the surf without a pulse or breath. He had blue legs and arms. There is so much more to Roy's story, but the most important thing is that God was on the beach that day and brought Roy back to life and restored his spinal cord. Written by Roy: Neck injury. Central cord and right cord syndrome that led to tetra paralysis, mostly affecting right side (hand and arm). There has been considerable numbness in hands and feet. After prayer numbness is mostly eliminated in hands by at least 90%. Feet are much less numb, still tingling."

- Roy J. on September 9th, 2011
Entered online Dec 22nd, 2011
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Major pain-migraine headaches for 33 years. I had head trauma from 9 car accidents and abuse. God started the work 2/09 at the Spokane Healing Rooms. I had almost no pain for 2 weeks and felt very loved by God. God finished the work 09/08/10, when head trauma, injuries, and whiplash was called out at the Spiritual Hunger Conference. Three big men prayed intense prayers, declared creative miracle power, new vertebrae, and major release of tightness and pain. I am healed, the devil is a liar. I will not bow to pain or lying symptoms any longer. I am completely pain free in Jesus name!"

- Victoria L. on September 8th, 2010
Entered online Dec 22nd, 2011
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Blow to the back of my head from a fall on the ice two years ago. It jilted my head, hurt my neck (whiplash), tore something in my shoulder. I received healing of my head, neck and shoulder."

- Kathy on December 22nd, 2011
Entered online Dec 22nd, 2011
Spokane Healing Rooms

"When I was 12 I slipped on ice, fell and banged the back of my head. I was unconscious for some time. Before the conference I was praying for my brain to be healed and renewed. I felt from the moment Bill Johnson started to speak of the renewed mind my brain started tingling. When he asked if anyone had received trauma to the head, I remembered this old injury. When asked, I raised my hand and I felt an intensity build up in the back of my head. As the prayer continued, then release came. Then an amazing feeling of peace, wholeness, and joy covered me."

- Caroline on December 22nd, 2011
Entered online Dec 22nd, 2011
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Thrown from horse at age 14. Concussion and was out for 45 minutes. Have had to accommodate always for very low/limited energy. Have fought this and had much prayer. But this root had not been exposed until now! Praise God, I'm Free! (after 48 years of affliction)."

- Lin H. on September 8th, 2010
Entered online Dec 21st, 2011
Spokane Healing Rooms

"In 1976,while still in high school,I was a victim of a hit-and-run accident. I was admitted to hospital where blood was drained to releive the pressure on my brain.After the accident life carried on as usual,although my head felt "different". A few weeks ago the team at the healing rooms prayed for my head and I experienced a remarkable change. I had a sensation in my head as if bricks were being shuffeled into the correct position. My mind was clear and bright afterwards. My memory has also improved tremendously since then and I now have a zest for life. All the glory be to God for His amazing healing of my head."

- Annatjie h. on May 26th, 2011
Entered online Jun 8th, 2011
Koinonia Healing Rooms

"Before I went to B.C., HR ministry team prayed for my back pain and my left ear. After a head injury, my left ear became very sensitive and on top of that, doctor told me I got scar by previous infections and that's why my left ear brought me trouble by always feeling some kind of pressure and "stuffiness". After the HR ministry, the problem didn't immediately disappear. While in B.C., I was too busy to pay attention to my ear problem. But upon my return to Toronto, I found out that my left ear was loosen. Praise the Lord!"

- Jeanne M. on September 9th, 2009
Entered online Sep 12th, 2009
Healing Rooms of North Toronto

"My Brother fell down the stairs and was unconscious for two days. His brain was bleeding. The doctors said they would have to do surgery. Sid (my husband) and I went to the hospital, anointed him with oil and prayed for him. The next day my brother was out of ICU and into a regular hospital room. Soon he was back home and getting therapy. He didn't need to have surgery after all! Praise the Lord! "

- Rachel M. on March 20th, 2008
Entered online Apr 28th, 2008
East Side Healing Rooms

"Seven Years of Pain Gone. For approximately 7 years I had been in severe pain due to an auto accident. I had been xrayed and checked numerous times and was given many different types of pain pills that offered no relief at all. The pain was so bad in my head and neck that my facial muscles were getting weak and I developed lazy eye. I work at Pacific Camps at Dove Ministries and welcome the Oxnard Healing Room technicians every Wednesday. One night I was experiencing great pain and asked them to pray for me. I didn't receive healing immediately but about a week and a half later I noticed that I had been completely freed of my pain. I have not had a headache since April of 2007. Praise God for His mercy."

- Shauna T. on June 28th, 2007
Entered online Jun 28th, 2007
Oxnard Healing Rooms

"After falling down a flight of stairs, I suffered a dislocated right shoulder, whiplash, concussion, and a torn eye muscle. I went to the Healing Rooms for prayer and after a few minutes of prayer, my shoulder began to tingle and get hot. Within two minutes, I had raised my arms above my head and was praising God and singing and waving my arms. Just six days prior, I had an MRI that showed a frayed rotator cuff. Now it is totally healed and feels great. God took away all of the pain."

- Donna S. on January 10th, 2006
Entered online Aug 11th, 2006
Gem Valley Healing Rooms

"History: 12 days ago, experienced transient dysarthria with numbness and weakness of the left arm. Previous left sided stroke' Previous depressed skull fracture on the left requiring a metal plate. Findings: Normal brain scan. No evidence of infraction, recent or old. The appearance of the calvarium is normal. There is no metal plate present. It is gone! I have no more pain anywhere in my head. I don't even need sun glasses to see outside."

- Steve S. on March 13th, 2001
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I suffered brain damage (from a car accident) and arthritis pain. I am so much better. This is a true place of God!"

- Joe F. on February 23rd, 2006
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

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