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"I put the prayer cloth on Leretta and prayed. I put it on my girlfriend and anointed her with oil she had been coughing for a week, real bad. Sunday we went into a 9 hour conference! She Never coughed till the end, a few (short coughs,) saying good bye. She was amazed God healed her! She was so excited God did that for her. *Healed *Anointed the sick *She was well!"

- Michelle A. on January 22nd, 2017
Entered online Aug 24th, 2017
Northshore Healing Rooms

"I drove 13 hours one way to attend the Healing Rooms classes with my wife Linda. I have had chest congestion, sinus problems and a cough for a few weeks now. As well as trouble sleeping at night. This is what I needed prayer for. While in the prayer room, they had me take my glasses off and prayed for me to receive perfect sight. I have worn prescription glasses for fifty years. I can see as well without them as with them. Praise God!"

- Michael W. on May 13th, 2010
Entered online Jan 28th, 2016
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I have had problems with throat, breathing and a constant cough. When Beth spoke about the healing balm covering me, I felt it and knew it now and believe that God has visited. I felt it and knew it was the healing balm from God. I know I was to walk in it now and believe God visited. I also was spiritually encouraged."

- Rod W. on May 7th, 2015
Entered online Jan 6th, 2016
Spokane Healing Rooms

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