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Testimonies: Pain/Infection
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"I received a healing payer for my ear and my brain. The Dr. told me, I had a problem with my ear and a cyst in my brain. He also told me that after my surgery I will never hear again. but during the prayer session they told me that the Lord is healing me, then during the surgery the Dr. never found a problem, issue or cyst in my brain. Because I knew the Lord will manifest powerfully during Healing rooms of Olathe prayers. I am healed and all the glory is to God Almighty, thank you, Jesus! I love you so much, My King!"

- Soledad G. on October 15th, 2015
Entered online Mar 16th, 2016
Healing Rooms of Olathe

"My ear was aching and had pressure, and my heart was hurting. After prayer the pressure is gone. Because the scripture and prayer ministered healing truth, I believe my heart was able to receive."

- Sandra on August 27th, 2015
Entered online Aug 27th, 2015
Healing Rooms of Nevada County

"My granddaughter had a severe ear infection for about 8 weeks. Her ear would drain. The smell was awful. She had tubes put in her ears last year. If you held her, the smell was intense. Riding in the car with her was difficult due to the odor. The ENT wanted to set up an appointment for surgery on Friday to replace the tubes and remove the adenoids. My daughter asked Nancy to pray with her Sunday before the appointment with the ENT. When she took her, the infection was gone. The decision was made not to schedule a surgery date. There has not been any drainage or smell since."

- Karen R. on March 5th, 2013
Entered online Jan 21st, 2014
New Beginnings Mission Healing Rooms

"I had drainage that was clogging my left ear where my hearing was muffled. I went to the ENT doctor. He said I didn't have an ear infection. He drained all the fluid from my ear that he could.He gave me some medication. I never got the prescription filled. I came to the healing room today and as the two ladies began to pray for me I could feel the fluid drying up. I could completely hear out of my left ear and all drainage was gone. I could I could hear totally out of my ear for the first time in two months!The Holy Spirit drained it and healed it."

- LaTanya B. on April 9th, 2013
Entered online Apr 10th, 2013
St. Louis Healing Ministries

"I want to thank God and you for all the healing I received in the healing rooms on both occasions that I visited and want to thank you for all the love, prayer and time that was given to me. The condition I came with (toothache, ear infection) has completely gone but more importantly I have more of a peace of mind. I really appreciate it. Thank you all."

- Val G. on October 10th, 2011
Entered online Oct 16th, 2011
Letchworth Healing Rooms

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