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Testimonies: Degenerated Disk Disease
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"Judy came to us last Thursday evening 12/14/2017 expecting to be touched but not changed in the way she was. Word of Knowledge came forth that she had a lateral curvature in her spine causing an uneven gait due to shortening of her left leg. The team began to pray as Co-Director Joseph held her legs and Co-Director Carolyn videoed the event with her permission. Her leg was obviously shorter than her right and in Joseph's hands by the power of Holy Spirit her leg grew to be even with the right!!! Also WOK regarding degenerative disc disease in her upper lumbar came forth and she is now healed and pain free!!! Her video testimony is on our facebook page (Fountain of Living Waters Healing Room Elizabethtown, IL)"

- Judy H. on December 18th, 2017
Entered online Dec 18th, 2017
Fountain of Living Water Healing Rooms

"I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease about 1 and 1/2 years ago. After much prayer, I received a healing. Dr. said "I've never seen a scan like yours, the disc degeneration is not there." Praise God !"

- Priscilla on June 6th, 2017
Entered online Jun 6th, 2017
Healing Rooms of Marlton

"Healed in lower back of degenerated disk. Doctors told me it could only be fixed by surgery."

- Renee C. on September 10th, 2010
Entered online Jan 14th, 2016
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I came in for prayer for healing from grief of brother and sister's suicides. Also the death of my mom all within 9 months in 2011. I forgave them for those acts and received joy. I needed prayer for sciatica, leg pain and degenerative disk disease. I felt healing in my leg and believe my disc and sciatica are healed as well."

- Sandy R. on December 19th, 2012
Entered online Jan 6th, 2016
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I've been diagnosed with type II diabetes which is managed by diet. I also experience severe migraine headaches and I have two degenerative discs in my lower back. When they were praying for me the lower back pain went down to my tailbone where it left my body. The headache traveled up my neck and left through the top of my head. The diabetes I will find out about on my next blood test. I am healed by the Holy Spirit in Jesus name!"

- John on March 9th, 2014
Entered online Mar 19th, 2014
Healing Rooms of Nevada County

"I went for prayer for my back, knees and hips. I have a degenerative joint disease which is genetic in my family. We addressed symptom of pain in right buttock and prayed for the degeneration to stop. We went deeper into forgiveness of my father for a specific trauma at age 13, where I experienced pain, fear, abandonment, betrayed trust and anger. The knot in my solar plexus is now released. As Jesus showed me the truth of that time (age 13) I experienced joy in the knowledge that God has and will never abandon me. Praise the Lord."

- Linda on October 20th, 2012
Entered online Nov 5th, 2013
Healing Rooms of Nevada County

"Healed in lower back of degenerated disk that doctors had told me could only be fixed by surgery."

- Renee C. on September 8th, 2010
Entered online Mar 30th, 2012
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Dec 2010 had major back surgery and was still on a large dosage of pain killers. She had two rods put in her lower back. She said today that she awoke with no pain whatsoever! She was amazed. Doctors said it would take 6 months to one year for healing."

- Mandy F. on April 13th, 2011
Entered online Apr 13th, 2011
Victorious Life Healing Room

"Bev in Eagle River â was suffering from type II diabetes for 17 years, neck pain for one year (degenerative disc disease), low back pain for 15 years from herniated disc, and recurring shoulder pain. During prayer, she felt heat in her back and shoulder, and she reported that her neck and back pain softened and left. She felt warmth and love and caring. Reported she can turn her head to the side easier; she felt healing in her vertebrae and tight muscles."

- Bev on February 19th, 2011
Entered online Mar 27th, 2011
Northgate Alaska Healing Rooms

"God filled in the compression fracture in my disk in my back. Delivered from gluten intolerance."

- Susie H. on April 12th, 2010
Entered online Mar 24th, 2011
Spokane Healing Rooms

"My back has been healed of 2 broken vertebare and 2 bulging discs as well as osteoporosis and pain from degenerative discs. I am 36 years old and have lived in terrible pain for 16 years. Praise God -- I'm healed."

- Emily B. on August 6th, 2009
Entered online Oct 7th, 2009
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I came to the Zion Road healing room due to 16 years of severe back pain due to degenerative discs the pain also ran down my right leg. I had many procedures done, but none resolved the issue. I receive prayer by the team and all my pain is gone! PTL! "

- Karen on August 13th, 2009
Entered online Aug 14th, 2009
Zion Road Healing Room

"God has healed me emotionally, mentally and physically. I had a broken heart, wounded spirit and allergies/asthma, thyroid, and obesity. God has touched me multiple times in my heart cry to be whole and following after HIM with my whole heart, soul and mind."

- Karen J. on May 4th, 2009
Entered online May 4th, 2009
Victorious Life Healing Room

"I had three bulging discs in my back and shaking in my hands. Well, after receiving prayer I can now carry a full cup of coffee in each hand without spilling. Before prayer I could never have done that. My back pain is diminishing - on a pain scale it is has gone from a 9 to a 4. I know God isn't finished."

- Dennis G. on December 4th, 2008
Entered online Dec 8th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I believe I was healed of degenerative disc disease. I felt heat, then a numbness, and then all the feeling returned - but all the pain in my lower back was gone! (Spiritual Hunger Conference)"

- Sharon S. on September 11th, 2008
Entered online Oct 13th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I had three degenerative discs in my back that restricted my ability to touch the floor with my fingers. After prayer I could touch the floor with the flat of my hands. (Spiritual Hunger Conference)"

- J. on September 11th, 2008
Entered online Oct 13th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I had lower back pain from a bulging disk in my lower back. I was prayed for today and the pain is gone. Hallelujah!"

- Sheree B. on May 22nd, 2008
Entered online Aug 11th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

"In November the Lord prompted me to go to the Healing Rooms. I have had chronic back pain all of my 42 years of adult life. My back would literally lock up three to five times a year. My Dad had degenerative disc disease and so does my younger sister. It was confirmed in February of 2007 that I too had degenerative disc disease. Over the last five years the sciatic nerve pain and all over body nerve pain had increased to a scale of 10. It would ebb and flow. Also my neck on the left side was 'out' most of the time. My sister had an auto immune marker iritis and lately it was confirmed that I had it as well, but tests are out to see if the blood marker is active. I have also been plagued with irritable bowel syndrome and I have had on and off stomach pain due to stress since I was a child. I am awaiting the results of eight blood tests, but I know they are all going to come back negative BECAUSE, since visiting the Healing Rooms all my pain is gone! I am symptom free! I am pain free! I don't recall the last time I was able to just turn my head without repositioning my hips to avoid pain in my back and neck. In my 20's and 30's I was a long distance runner. I love to run! I used to run 40 miles a week. I loved it and I was a competitive racer. Yesterday I went running again upon the prompting of the Lord. Wow! It felt great! Praise God from whom all blessings come! Thank you, Jesus for shedding your blood and by your stripes I am healed! Thank you, anointed servants of God, for answering the call. I love you all! Hallelujah! Update from Cynthia: "I am running again. I ran Monday and Wednesday. The results of the blood work all came back as normal. The doctor and nurse were perplexed. I have cut loose and am experiencing breakthrough in my ministry." Praise the Lord! "

- Cynthia B. on December 6th, 2007
Entered online Dec 11th, 2007
Spokane Healing Rooms

"My health had been deteriorating for years with increased pain, but took a downward spiral in Jan. 2003. I have been seen by doctors in Internal Medicine, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Rheumatology, Physical Therapy, Physical Medicine, Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy, Acupuncturist and Anesthesiologist in the Pain Clinic who did an epidural and a procedure which "fried some of the nerves." This helped for about a year and a half, but repeating it was not recommended. Over the years a multitude of medications had been tried with little or not results or severe allergic reactions. My doctor said there was nothing more they could do for me. Surgery was not an option since they couldn't fuse my entire spine and there weren't any small areas that could be fixed that would give any substantial relief. Some of my spine had fused from the bone spurs. The disks were flattened and some were bulging. My spine was compressing and I had lost over an inch in height. A significant hump had developed in the cervical vertebrae. The Fibromyalgia made it impossible for the muscles to support my spine. My body was becoming less stable and in Feb. I started using a cane. The pain was increasing and narcotics were not effective. More aggressive pain management was my only option. I finally had to be put on Fentanyl, which is stronger than morphine and is given by skin patch that is changed every three days. I started on the 25th patch and suplemented with up to 12 Percocet a day. The dose was increased to 50 then to 75. I had not driven for almost a year, was using a cane and needed to go to a walker. This may sound normal for an 80 or 90 year old, but I was a 55 year old with a permanent disability. In Sept. my legs, arms and face went numb and I couldn't control my hands. This lasted for hours. My husband ordered me to a wheelchair instead of a walker. He'd become a fulltime caregiver, which was quite an adjustment for us. He did all the cooking, cleaning, helped me bathe, dress and chauffeured me to doctor's appointments. I couldn't even get out of bed myself. I as no longer praying to be healed, but prayed for God's ultimate healing. ( wanted to go home!) The doctors said all they could do was keep me comfortable and as functional as possible. I was told that my condition would only get worse. Even though I didn't realize it, God was preparing the way for my healing. Many people were praying for me. I was given a book caled "God's Creative Power for Healing" by Charles Capps. I was invited to go to the Tacoma Prayer & Healing Room for prayer. My husband read the book {The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren to me every day. I received a book about healing called "God's Guarantee to Heal you" by A. A. Allen. We joined the "40 Days of Purpose" Bible Study. As I continued to read and search God's Word about healing my faith increased. I knew God was going to heal me, that I would get not only a healing, but a miracle and felt it would be a process. I would need the healing to stop the degenerative process and a miracle to restore my body. I went for prayer on Oct. 8th and have not used a cane since. What a miracle, it was so amazing to be able to walk without a cane or having to hold on to something. The wheelchair my husband ordered came and I never used it. I continued to go to the Prayer & Healing Room weekly as God continued my healing. I made an appointment to see my doctor on Oct. 28th so I could start getting off all the pain meds. We had a great visit and worked out a plan to discontinue my pain meds. Following hte doctor's directions, I decreased my pain meds gradually with no problem. I have been off pain medication since Nov. 30th and feel great! My spine is straight, the hump in my upper back is gone and I have regained my height! I've been told it's nice to have my old self back, but I say NO this is a NEW and BETTER self!! God is so good, Jesus has set me free! He has given me my life back, another chance to love and serve Him. Thank you, Lord, I love you! "

- Linda H. on January 25th, 2004
Entered online Jun 1st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Sufffered numbess on left side due to C5-6 disc degeneration. Received prayers and pain and numbless left. Feeling coolness around the area that is very soothing."

- Diane C. L. on April 23rd, 2004
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Healed of migraine headaches and osteoarthritis in hands and neck. Came here in pain and left healed! Degeneration discs in neck healed and made whole!"

- Cindy L. on April 6th, 2001
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I came into the Healing Rooms one year ago using a cane as my back had gotten so bad from arthritic spurs and scoliosis. After prayer I left without my cane, and have been progressively better. Best of all I have no spinal pain for the first time in many years! Praise God! He is the same yesterday, today and forever! I had x-rays before and after and my doctor was amazed at my straight spine when comparing the two. My husband saw it visibly immedicately. We have eleven children and 22 grandchildren. What a testimony to God's healing power!"

- Joan S. C. on April 30th, 2003
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Since 1994 I have sustained several spinal injuries which have impacted my life negatively. After my first injury I developed ossification of my posterior longitudinal ligament and diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis. I have several herniated discs and spinal stenosis which restrict my physical activities. Since 1994 I have been unable to run, jog, exercise, participate in sports, July 10, 2002 after singing some praise and worship songs in the Spokane Healing Rooms parking lot, I was able to jog around the parking lot without any pain. July 11, 2002 after prayer my spine continues to feel better. Healed by God's Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus and your body on earth!"

- Wendell K. on July 11th, 2002
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"On October 8, 2005 I asked for healing prayer for a painful right hip and leg due to spinal degeneration. One team member asked me if I was carrying any burdens that I had not given to the Lord. As far as I knew I had given every burden to the Lord. She also asked if there might be a generational curse or connection. My youngest sister and my youngest daughter show the same symptoms. I received the prayer in faith (for healing of all those areas) then went back to the Healing Rooms training sessions. During the impartation time deep travail overcame me and the Lord reminded me of the time when my son was 16. One night when he was staying with a friend, I awoke with the samem gut wrenching travail in my whole being. Crying out for mercy for my son. I asked my husband to phone the friend's house, but he said that it was not appropriate at that hour of the night. I have nevr had the courage to confront my son about it. In the War Room the Lord showed me that our son had bound imself to satan by a curse. As soon as I understood this, I cut all ties and claims that the enemy would have on my son in the mighty name of Jesus. That same moment the Holy Spirit assured me that all shackles have fallen off of our son and that he is now free to follow God's destiny for his life. He is no 40. The pain in my body is gone! Our youngest daughter, who also came for prayer the same day, had carried the burden for our son's lost condition all these years, too. We have an awesome God and I give Him great thanks ad praise today and always. Thank you to eachy one of you who are standing in the gap and sharing the truth of God's word with so may. Blessings on you in Jesus' name."

- Rosemarie S. on May 24th, 2006
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Healing Rooms of Albany

"My family and I came into the Healing Rooms on Saturday 3-4-00. We were prayed over for both physical and spiritual healing. I am very happy to report good news for both. Hands were laid upon me for the healing of my back. I literally felt a new vertebrae being placed in my lower back. I now have full movement of my lower back with no pain. Thank you Lord! Praise Jesus! I also underwent much spiritual healing. Thank you so much for your time and prayers."

- Annette H. on March 4th, 2000
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

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