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"God blessed our family incredibly through the prayer room! My three year old daughter was healed of her night terrors and my eight year old son had terrible asthma symptoms brought on by colds and allergies. Before coming to the prayer room I gave him around the clock medicine of three different kinds and he still struggled to sleep at night. Last summer after we went for prayer at the healing rooms we dropped all but one, and only every three days as needed and he slept great through the night. Incredible! Thank you to the volunteers for giving their time, thank you to our gracious Lord and Savior who heals, listens to our prayers and is full of mercy, rich in love."

- nEsther O. on December 16th, 2014
Entered online Dec 16th, 2015
Northshore Healing Rooms

"I had been diagnosed with Asthma and Emphazima due to growing up around people whom were chain smokers. I have never smoked anything in my life. At 60 years old it really was hard for me to breath, I was using 3 inhalers a day. After receiving prayer at the healing rooms, I began to cough and what seemed to be black smoke came out of my lungs. I have not had to use my inhaler since then and my lungs are clear. Praise God"

- Michele F. on June 30th, 2011
Entered online Jun 30th, 2011
Springfield Healing Rooms

"While listening to a Rick Taylor CD from the SHC; I was healed of asthma that I had for all of my life, when he was giving testimonies (of healing)."

- Mike H. on November 8th, 2010
Entered online Nov 8th, 2010
Healing Rooms of Laramie

""Had asthma attacks before coming to HR on April 2, 2008. Since then they have stopped." "

- Nelly M. on May 27th, 2009
Entered online Jun 8th, 2009
Healing Rooms of North Toronto

"God has healed me emotionally, mentally and physically. I had a broken heart, wounded spirit and allergies/asthma, thyroid, and obesity. God has touched me multiple times in my heart cry to be whole and following after HIM with my whole heart, soul and mind."

- Karen J. on May 4th, 2009
Entered online May 4th, 2009
Victorious Life Healing Room

"I felt the Lord come into my body and heal my asthma and my spirit."

- Jim S. on November 3rd, 2005
Entered online Nov 8th, 2005
Spokane Healing Rooms

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