Power Quotes

by Cal Pierce

Here are some randomly selected quotes from Cal's collection:

“Religion can't process truth because it establishes form and not power.”

“Religion operates by sight to see that nothing changes.”

“Religion doesn't require relationship when it takes the place of it.”

“Vision sees what is not so that it can be.”

“God gives you vision so that you can see what's coming.”

“Vision establishes unity when it sees eye to eye.”

“The existence of what you don't see is greater than the existence of what you do see that is created.”

“We are made in His image so that He can be seen.”

“When we focus on ourselves, we will love the world; when we focus on God, His love delivers us from the world.”

“Our vision is His provision.”

Power Quotes is a compilation of insights the Holy Spirit has dropped into Cal's spirit as he has prepared messages for conferences and while speaking at meetings throughout the world. These Power Quotes are meant to stimulate the reader into thinking about God's truth.

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