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Freedom & Truth

Friday - Saturday, October 27th - 28th, 2017
Orange Park , Florida
Healing in the Market Place

Monday, October 30th, 2017
Refiner's Fire

Friday - Saturday, November 3rd - 4th, 2017
Port Charlotte, Florida

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Thank you for the prayer. I am encouraged, hopeful. Looking forward to what God is going to do.
- Carolyn in Bothell, WA USA
I felt the presence of God very strong and am leaving feeling refreshed and encouraged.
- Nagy in Bothell, WA USA
Awesome!! I received confirmation of direction, encouragement to continue- so blessed!!
- Osi in Bothell, WA USA
So thankful for the prayers and insight given to me from God through his servants today! I feel strengthened to deal with my issues knowing that there is a powerful Holy Spirit that is with me. God Bless this ministry!! Thank you so much to all who prayed for me and time to given me words of encouragement and wisdom.
- Alba in Bothell, WA USA
-Knot in back is gone -Encouragement in the spirit -Feeling Blessed!
- Osi in Bothell, WA USA
This team powerfully prayed for me and knew about my past by revelation of the Holy Spirit. Prayed for healing of body, wounds, and past hurts. Thank you so much!!!
- Carolyn in Bothell, WA USA
Thank you for immediate healing in lower back- Knot dissipated-able to stand on right leg- full weight. The word that came forth was directly from God as I did not disclose all I needed prayer for! Thankful.
- Sheila in Bothell, WA USA
On the drive down-God had us speaking of fruit & Inheritance (to break the spirit of poverty)-Both were supernaturally given to the intercessors. Delivered from spirit of poverty. Have all I need! Col 3:13-24 Ps 23 Phil 4:19
- Lydia in Bothell, WA USA
God spoke what he's been telling me. Continue to rest but its time to look for the new thing he's doing. Keep my eyes on Him and walk in freedom.
- Sandy in Bothell, WA USA
My 3 year old son came for prayer with an unusual injury to his face. After prayer, we reported to the doctor (Plastic Surgeon) who said it is healing and no medical procedures will be necessary. Praise the Lord & thank you for your love too. Today I was encouraged to stand on the authority I have already in Christ to pray for my own healing; and then to see God's purpose for my life and pray for others.
- Dennis in Bothell, WA USA
For years I've experienced pain in the balls of my feet. Orthotics and various shoe inserts did little to help. I often came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. My miracle is here! My feet no longer hurt. Praise the Lord! Don't give up on the brink of your miracle!
- Bismarck, ND USA
My daughter & I came to the Healing Rooms following my sister's urging in 2007. My daughter had been experiencing difficult times with anxiety & depression which came to a head in her senior year of college. I truly believe that coming to the Healing Rooms was the beginning of the healing process for her emotional and physical well being. Today she is happily married, the mother of two beautiful children, and she is healthy! Thank you so much! Thanks be to God!
- K in Bismarck, ND USA
I have lost several family members to pancreatic cancer. Several months ago I began exhibiting symptoms of pancreatic cancer, nausea, vomiting, abdominal bloating & tenderness with severe pain. I contacted a prayer warrior from the Healing Rooms (Bismarck) to ask the HR to pray that I would be spared from cancer. Many prayed in my behalf, & praise the Lord, I was spared! I am so thankful to the Lord & the HR warriors. Thank you, Jesus!
- M. in Bismarck, ND USA
I am thankful that the Lord has lifted my heavy heart. He has given me favor in my new job and with kind people. I am also thankful that depression has lifted.
- J. in Bismarck, ND USA
Thank you so much for all your prayers during our daughter's hospital stay. Thank you so much for coming to see our daughter and pray over her. We believe God touched her little body through your hands. We are so grateful to Him and your obedience & willingness to be His tools. Our daughter is home & 100% healed! The physicians are amazed with her recovery!
- Bismarck, ND USA
I came in for prayer. My lungs were hurting & feeling heavy. I had body aches. The prayer partners anointed me and prayed with me. When they were done I wasn't wheezing anymore, and my body aches were gone! I thank God for healing me. I thank Him for the prayer partners that prayed with me. I thank Him for the things He is going to do in my family. Praise You, my Savior & Lord Jesus. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. God bless Healing Rooms.
- S. in Bismarck, ND USA
I was made whole from a rejection of part of myself. And much more! Wonderful!
- Ken in Bothell, WA USA
I am thankful for the prayer of deliverance and now to apply that to my life.
- Melissa in Bothell, WA USA
Encouraged to stop condemnation of Satan and believe in the healing power of Jesus who is restoring as he promised.
- Jason in Bothell, WA USA
I came in feeling heavy + burdened + hopeless. I came out more freedom + happy, and had hope and lighter. Jesus lifted the burdens of me. Praise the Lord!
- Alyssa in Bothell, WA USA
I was feeling condemned, despite having confessed and repented. The scriptures and words of knowledge refreshed and encouraged me.
- Michael in Bothell, WA USA
Relieved from fear, discouragement. Feel hope and strengthened. Thank-you!
- Janet in Bothell, WA USA
Delivered from shame and continued healing knee.
- Ken in Bothell, WA USA
Delivered from rejection spirit, going through continual healing.
- Alyssa in Bothell, WA USA
Free from soul ties. Confidence.
- Jessica in Bothell, WA USA
The minsters led by Linda renounced the attack of fear and physical Limitation from the enemy. I was also prayed over for anxiety and also childhood traumas. Overall, it was an excellent experience! God Bless!
- Taylor in Bothell, WA USA
Been an addict (methadone) for a long time. Felt like I got inner healing and I forgave my g/f. Forgiveness is KEY.
- Seth in Bothell, WA USA
It is too soon to know if I was healed of breast cancer today, but I am believing for it and last time I was here, I was delivered from a spirit of grief, which was keeping me in deep sorrow.
- Peggy in Bothell, WA USA
Lower back from an injury went from 10 to one after further prayer went to 0.
- Pan in Bothell, WA USA
Felt the Spirit move in my throat and with rebalancing my body and realigning my right knee :)
- Dana in Bothell, WA USA
Really touched my heart and felt the Father's love for me. I am so encouraged and my Faith has also increased.
- Osi in Bothell, WA USA
Knee healed and strengthened. Co-dependency getting set free from.
- Ken in Bothell, WA USA
Great improvement in body tension. pain gone in shoulder. Hallelujah! Neck moves more freely. I appreciate the healing of memories and the Father's blessing. Lord, release your peace and joy in me, and cause it to overflow.
- Dennis in Bothell, WA USA
Lies were exposed to the light and gained more freedom + wisdom!
- Alyssa in Bothell, WA USA
Thank you for your care and breaking spirits of abandonment, anger, despair, and depression. I believe the God of the Breakthrough is claiming territory in my heart and body to rout out the evil one. Thank you. Inflammation reduced.
- Dennis in Bothell, WA USA
The ministry team addressed and took authority over many past wounds in my life... broken relationship with ex-..., missing my mother from since childhood... They pronounced a mother's blessing over me which is ministry healing in my heart. Thank you all from the bottom of my soul-God bless you all!
- Ryan Anthony in Bothell, WA USA
Set free of fear, anxiety, uncertainty regarding this legal project. Peace & Joy fill me- I am reminded God is the Attorney. The Advocate over All! Perfect prayers led by the Holy Spirit have blessed me all over! I am so grateful for this peace, where God's leading and help are so freely given!
- Jan in Bothell, WA USA
I've been volunteering at the Northshore Healing rooms for approximately 18 months. On march 20, 2017 I mentioned to Cindy, director of the Northshore healingroom that I was scheduled to have an Endoscopy done due to a swallowing problem with food and pills. Cindy prayed for healing and that I wouldn't need to have the procedure done. I went to have the procedure done but the doctor had to abort it because the instrument was too large for the opening in my throat. My throat was sore for a few day but afterward I started to swallow food without any difficulty. I've been having this problem for at least six years. The doctor scheduled two more tests. The one was fluoroscopic evaluation (Imaging) and another endoscopy using a pediatric instrument. I did the fluoroscopic evaluation.
- Yvonne in Bothell, WA USA
Came in with right side neck, mid-back back and sciatica. During prayer I felt a shift on the right side of my body and heat on my shoulder under the prayer partner's hand. I was able to stand straight-taller. Then the prayer person commanded sciatica to leave. It was worsening up to that point but when she spoke accurately to it, it left. :) full body tingles for at least 1/2 my time. Thanks!
- Bothell, WA USA
God healed my left swollen & reddened arm when I had a reaction to a pneumonia shot last week. The same day my hips were progressively healed and after 3 days the pain from supposed arthritis was totally gone after 21 months, and consistent pain pills and physical therapy. 5 days later the enemy attacked with a twinge of hip pain but I declcared the price paid, claimed my healing in Jesus' Name and rebuked the enemy and told him to flee James. 4:7
- Elaine in Bothell, WA USA
I put the prayer cloth on Leretta and prayed. I put it on my girlfriend and anointed her with oil she had been coughing for a week, real bad. Sunday we went into a 9 hour conference! She Never coughed till the end, a few (short coughs,) saying good bye. She was amazed God healed her! She was so excited God did that for her. *Healed *Anointed the sick *She was well!
- Michelle in Bothell, WA USA
I struggled with terrors for over 50 years. After prayer, it was discerned that there was a free mason curse placed on me. After I renounced this through the blood of Jesus, I was completely delivered! I now have only good dreams-some of which are prophetic.
- Bothell, WA USA
I have had pain 24/7 for years. I was prayed for here and the pain left my feet, hands, back, etc... Praise God!!! A miracle!!!
- Bothell, WA USA
"God has provided housing after years of being repeatedly displaced. He's also starting to mend my finances after years of enemy attacks and fighting back in prayer.
- Hedi in Bothell, WA USA
I used to come here two years ago in Recover from drugs, alcohol, unemployed, single and hopeless. I came back with a wife, kid, job and 7 yrs sober! God healed my wife from a broken tailbone. AMEN!
- Manuel in Bothell, WA USA
Tendinitis in right wrist healed! Burdens lifted!
- Susan in Bothell, WA USA
As I waited in the soaking room to be prayed for, I was absent mindedly rotating my ankle because it was tight and painful from a sprain. It suddenly snapped and was flexible and free of pain!
- Michael in Bothell, WA USA
A client came in with a migraine headache. She also needed encouragement in personal areas of her life. After prayer she reported that her migraine went away and that she was "totally encouraged!"
- White in Bothell, WA USA
I felt the pain lift from my ankle and out through my knee.
- Arnado in Bothell, WA USA
I have recently endured the tragic deaths of three of my loved ones. In all of this, I chose to turn my back on my Savior in an attempt to calm my pain & anger. Due to my choices, I knew I had opened my life up to demonic attack. I began to feel very sad, exhausted, and suicidal. This was completely contradictory to my normal behavior. Also, I began to feel movement like a cloud in my face. I knew that I was experiencing demonic activity. After researching online, God quickly orchestrated my contact with old friends who were ministering at the Healing Room. They had already heard about what I was going through with the passing of loved ones and had been praying for me! The wife told me exactly what I needed to do in order to be delivered. She also (with my permission) called prayer warriors to pray for me throughout the day. I spent my day before God. I claimed my rank as his daughter, pleaded the blood of Jesus on each of my sins/people I needed to forgive, and I confessed lies I had been believing. All demonic oppression stopped that day! I continued to keep a short account of those three things. (received ministry on 4/2017) - A.B. 8/15/2017
- A in Minnesota River Valley (HQ: Jordan), MN USA

9 New Articles

Reaching the Summit - Cal Pierce

Reaching the Summit - Cal Pierce

Fri, 9/29/2017

Cal Pierce
Cal Pierce

We have just completed our 2017 Leadership Summit. Healing Rooms Directors from all over the world gathered in Spokane for our annual "family meeting." It was an amazing time! We opened on Thursday by introducing our Headquarters staff then I gave messages on Receiving the Mind of Christ, the Knowing of Truth that Overcomes the Lie, and how to live in the unshakable Kingdom of God.

A great highlight of the Summit is when National Directors share about what God is doing through Healing Rooms in their nations. This year we heard from England, Taiwan, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Indonesia, Brazil, New Zealand and Mexico.

We also had workshops this year on: building Intercession for your Healing Rooms, the International Healing Rooms School of Transformation, developing a Partner program and breaking off the poverty spirit, Transforming the Land, and healing and health with Garden's Best. These were a great success and the Directors and team members left with many new strategies to bless their teams, grow their Healing Rooms and transform their communities. We were also blessed to ordain 17 Directors into the fullness of ministry.

On Sunday we took our National and Regional Directors on a cruise on Lake Coeur d'Alene, which is always a great time! The weather finally warmed up and the day was beautiful.

Through wonderful times of praying corporately in the Spirit and mighty prophetic worship, everyone left the conference excited, built up, and encouraged to go home and enter in to what God is doing in their nations.

It is a new season and God is pouring out new wine, and we must rework our wine skins to receive it. At this Summit we moved from the Hebrew calendar year of 5777 to 5778. The year 5777 was called the Year of the Sword and the new year of 5778 is called the Year of the Open Door. We are excited to receive the revelation of Truth and then enter the doorway of the Kingdom of God to appropriate our inheritance in this end time.

All in all this year's Summit was filled with expectations of how God is releasing the fullness of His provision to His bride.
Breaking the Poverty Spirit - Dr. Tim Lambert

Breaking the Poverty Spirit - Dr. Tim Lambert

Fri, 9/29/2017

Dr. Tim Lambert

This is an outstanding teaching by Dr. Tim Lambert given at our annual Leadership Summit this September in Spokane, Washington. Dr. Lambert is the Director of the Healing Rooms of Tidewater Virginia and owner of The Shepherd’s Guide Publishing Company. His primary passion is to see the awakening of a people by the Word of the Lord, poised to do the impossible in our world by bringing transformational change in their nation.

Click on the Summit graphic to hear the audio-only message.



Fri, 9/29/2017

The Blind See

My husband and I were on holiday when Gary was taken very ill. His eyesight was deteriorating and he had severe migraine type headaches that resulted in him being violently sick. I would pray peace over him but I knew something was seriously wrong.

When we got back from our holiday I took him to have his eyes tested. It was from there he was taken as an emergency to Calderdale Royal hospital where he was for 5 days. He had gone completely blind by this point and had a blood pressure of 275/150. I visited him every day. I would lay our little boy on the bed, he was 4 months old at that time. Gary couldn't see him but he knew he was there. Several people visited and prayed over him.

When Gary came home I had the idea (from God!) to take him to the Healing Rooms of Halifax. It was a Wednesday, so I drove him there. I was welcomed so warmly by the staff and really impacted by God's love through them. A team prayed for Gary and his sight was restored 70%!! The rest of his eyesight came back over the next 3 days. He has had CT scans, MRI scans, kidney tests, you name it but everything has come back clear and he has returned to work.

Buttershaw Healing Rooms, Bradford, England

Set Free From Shingles

Shingles marred nearly half of Daniel's face. Not only were they incredibly painful but his doctor said it would be 4 weeks before he could return to work. Just 4 days after receiving pray, Daniel's doctor released him to go back to work. Praise God!!

- Northshore Healing Rooms, Bothell, Washington, USA

Foot Pain Gone

For years I've experienced pain in the balls of my feet. Orthotics and various shoe inserts did little to help. I often came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. My miracle is here! My feet no longer hurt. Praise the Lord! Don't give up on the brink of your miracle!

- Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains, Bismarck, North Dakota, USA

Amazing Healings from Australia

I came to the Healing Rooms in desperation following many years of depression and a constant feeling of helplessness and lack of personal self esteem. I knew that only prayer and God’s blessings would be my comfort and peace.

Upon my first visit to the Healing Rooms I found such love and blessings. The second time was the most confronting and I had a real spiritual battle just getting there. But during that second visit I had the most amazing breakthrough, coming to terms with many things that had been spoken over me in the past. I was so blessed that I could forgive the past and move on.

The next week I returned to thank those who had been there for me and praise the Lord for his love and blessings. After that I was able to discuss many issues with my brother who had also been affected when we were children and young adults.  He was pleased to talk about these issues and we were able to pray together over them.  I thank God for his blessings and continued love.

 - Trish 

I was asked by a friend if I would like to come with him to the Healing Rooms and I'm so glad I did.  I had an addiction to cigarettes for 9 years and I am 4 months pregnant. I also had depression, which I believe the smoking was making worse.
I was filled with the Holy Spirit and they asked Jesus to take all addiction from me.  I was so overjoyed after my healing … I have not had a cigarette since and it’s been two weeks today. I feel like I have a new life and am now free to live for Jesus with the addiction gone. I am so devoted to Him now, even more than I was before. Thank you Lord.

- Kerrianne
He Swooshed Me Up! - Joe Duquesnel

He Swooshed Me Up! - Joe Duquesnel

Fri, 9/29/2017

When Mr. Duquesnel came to the Healing Rooms of San Clemente, CA, he had just received a bad report from the doctor. However, his experience was so profound when he came for prayer that he could not help but put it to music!

Click on the graphic below to hear Joe's amazing testimony...



Fri, 9/29/2017

We have an amazing deal for you this month! The new Passion Translation New Testament is coming out the end of the month and you definitely want to get a beautiful imitation leather bound copy of this excellent version that so truly conveys the Father's heart! We are offering it at a very special price.

The other offerings below are in keeping with the theme of "What an amazing and loving Father we have!"

Blessings to you!
Healing Rooms Bookstore Team

The Passion Translation New Testament

The Passion Translation New Testament - Imitation Leather

The Passion Translation Bible is a new, heart-level translation that expresses God's fiery heart of love to this generation using Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic manuscripts merging the emotion and life-changing truth of God's Word.

If you want to know God on a deeper level, The Passion Translation will help you encounter His heart and discover what He has for your life.

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Experiencing Father's Embrace

Experiencing Father's Embrace is an excellent resource for anyone interested in growing or ministering in the Father's love message. The author's style of writing makes this book easy to read, yet it is one of the most thorough and profoundly impacting books available on knowing God as a Father.


10 Hours To Live

"I give him ten hours to live."

That's what the doctor said after diagnosing twenty-two-year-old Brian Wills with Burkitt's lymphoma. Thus began Brian's life-threatening battle-both physical and spiritual-to receive a full recovery by focusing on God's powerful promises of healing.

Through his incredible, true-life testimony of healing against all odds, find out how you can: Overcome the most hopeless of circumstances, learn how to apply God's Word for healing, build your faith for the miraculous, discover joy in the midst of suffering, and receive comfort in times of trial.

10 Hours to Live includes many other testimonies of people who have been supernaturally healed by the power of God. God wants to heal you, too!

The New Season - Cal Pierce

The New Season - Cal Pierce

Thu, 8/31/2017

Cal Pierce
Cal Pierce

I read a post written by an apostolic leader by the name of Chazdon Strickland. He wrote,

"Pioneers stir up Godly jealousy in the Body of Christ as they break into uncharted or neglected dimensions of the Spirit and establish new things.
They cause others to see what's possible and challenge the Body out of stagnation, complacency, and into advancement.

This is exactly where we are today. The Body of Christ is living below their inheritance. The Word we read is not the life we are living.

God poured out new wine that will establish new things. To receive new things we must hear what the Spirit is saying to us. If the enemy is releasing greater demonic power on the earth, then we must exhibit greater Kingdom power to destroy his work. We can do this because greater is He who is in us than he who is coming against us. The Holy Spirit is saying to us,

"If then you have been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.
Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God." Colossians 3:1-3

The Holy Spirit isn't saying something He hasn't already said, He is saying something we haven't heard because we were not listening. He is telling us that if we want greater power to do greater things, then we must set our minds on things above, where Christ is, because He is our source to overcome. Too many of us are setting our minds on earth and we're not able to overcome because our source isn't earth, it is Heaven.

In other words, where we set our mind will determine whether we live in victory or defeat. When our minds are set on earth, we focus on natural things or the flesh.

In Romans 8:6 it says,

For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace"

In this season, if we focus on the world we will quickly lose our peace. We are ambassadors of Heaven who have a Kingdom source that allows us to live in victory. Remember the supernatural things of God will always give us the power to overcome the things of the natural realm that God created.



Thu, 8/31/2017

Wonderful Healings from Northshore Healing Rooms, Washington, USA -

Lower back pain from an injury went from 10 to 1, and after further prayer went to zero.
- Pan G.

God healed my left swollen and reddened arm when I had a reaction to a pneumonia shot last week. The same day my hips were progressively healed and after 3 days the pain from supposed arthritis was totally gone after 21 months, consistent pain pills, and physical therapy.
Five days later the enemy attacked with a twinge of hip pain but I declared the price paid, claimed my healing in Jesus' name, and rebuked the enemy and told him to flee! James. 4:7
- Elaine S.

I have had pain 24/7 for years. I was prayed for here and the pain left my feet, hands, back, etc... Praise God!!! A miracle!!!

I used to come here two years ago, recovering from drugs and alcohol, unemployed, single, and hopeless. I came back with a wife, kid, job, and 7 yrs sober! God healed my wife from a broken tailbone. AMEN!"
- Manuel D.

Platelet Count Restored

Eight-year-old G had low platelet counts and was receiving regular infusions. Her parents brought her to the Healing Room when the infusions weren't working and her platelet count was nil. After receiving ministry at the Healing Room her parents didn't take her in for another infusion, but only had her platelets retested. Her count was 240,000 which was what the doctors had hoped for if doing a year's worth of infusions! The whole family came in and we rejoiced with them over the healing power of Jesus Christ!
- Healing Rooms of Issaquah, Washington, USA

Triple Healing!

On my first visit to the Healing Room they prayed for my left knee and it was healed. The second time I came to the Healing Room they prayed for my right knee and it was healed. They also prayed for my shoulder on the second visit and it is healed also. I received it, and it is done. God is doing remarkable things and I am thankful for what He has done for me and He can do it for anyone.
- Gloria, In His Presence Healing Room, Ohio, USA

Thu, 8/31/2017


More amazing books and devotionals to refine, lift, inspire, challenge, teach and encourage you in your walk and while training the next generation!

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Healing Rooms Kids: A Training Manual (ZZ) by Barbie Hunt Healing Rooms Kids: A Training Manual (ZZ) by Barbie Hunt B-485 $15.00

"Barbie Hunt has been a forerunner in equipping children to work as a team in Healing Rooms.  She uses a ten week model that prepares children to hear God and pray effectively for the sick.  You will be blessed with the stories and testimonies of how Holy Spirit works through children. This manual is a must for every Healing Room to prepare kids for ministry.

-Rev. Cal Pierce, Director of International Association of Healing Rooms

Entering His Courts by Entering His Courts by Steve Gallagher B-175-333 $10.99

This 12 week collection of devotions brings the poetic passion and wisdom of the Psalms into every area of our daily lives. Author Steve Gallagher gives enriching devotionals from Psalms to Entering His Courts

Each day's reading provides bountiful food for thought from the Word of God. Whether he is offering fresh perspective on a familiar refrain, or wise insight into an opaque passage, Steve Gallagher knows how to stir our hearts and direct our attention to the Lord.

The Hidden Kingdom (zz) by Dr. Dale A. Fife The Hidden Kingdom (zz) by Dr. Dale A. Fife B-779-472 $14.99

There are divine moments in life when you turn a corner and are astounded by unexpected, breathtaking vistas that you never imagined. Suddenly, your world is changed forever. You have entered a supernatural realm, an eternal dimension, where Jesus is Lord and creation itself shouts His glory.

The brilliantly illuminating revelation in The Hidden Kingdom will catapult you into such an experience. Embark on a voyage of discovery into the mystery of God's timeless realm. If you want an empowered life, if you dare to engage in a life-changing adventure, this book will lead you on a journey into the heart of God.