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Your requests are important to us. I am sorry that currently we have no online prayer warriors available. Please try again, or send a [written prayer request].

If you have gone through our training and would like to volunteer in this, view the Volunteer link in "How to Get Involved."


In that time zone, here are the next scheduled times for online prayer:

Your TimeTheir Time
Thursday, Feb 20, 2020 1:00 PMThursday, 8:00 AM in America/New_York
Saturday, Feb 22, 2020 3:00 PMSaturday, 11:00 PM in Asia/Kuala_Lumpur
Sunday, Feb 23, 2020 2:00 AMSaturday, 9:00 PM in America/New_York
Monday, Feb 24, 2020 12:00 AMSunday, 7:00 PM in America/New_York
Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020 3:00 AMTuesday, 10:00 PM in America/New_York

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To Receive Personal Ministry

If you desire to receive personal healing ministry please go the [home page] and click on the [LIVE PRAYER click here] button.

If no one is available to minister to you, no live prayer button will be available. If the live prayer button is available, you still may have to wait to receive prayer, as calls are taken in the order that they come in - so please be patient.

If no one is available for live prayer, you can still send in an email prayer request by using [the online form].

Please check [this schedule] for available hours.

Available Ministry Schedule

If you have a prayer need, and cannot attend a local Healing Rooms for any reason, we have Online Healing Rooms available to you. Our online ministry teams have been through our required Healing Rooms Training and therefore you will experience the same love and power from them that you would if you came to one of our walk-in prayer rooms. Please check the available schedules below.

During the available times (please [check this list] ) we have one on one team members who are standing by to serve you.

Become an Online Team Member

If you have an interest in becoming an Online Healing Rooms team member please read below and then contact Keith Plunske at

To become an online team member you first must be trained at a local Healing Rooms. Please contact your local Healing Rooms to see when training is available. You can locate your local Healing Rooms by clicking on [Local Healing Rooms] on the home page.

We are looking for those who are willing to join us in fulfilling our mandate to make the healing ministry available to the healing ministry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. This means that at any time anyone who needs to be ministered to and has Internet access can enter the website and receive healing ministry.  As a team member all that is required is that you be trained and are currently a part of the prayer team in a local Healing Rooms, have a heart to be used by God in healing and miracles, and that you have access to a computer with Internet. You will be ministering to people through an instant messaging program.  In this way we can reach people from anywhere in the world with God's love. There are at least two examples in scripture of God healing people long-distance (Matthew 8:5-13 and Matthew 15:22-28). We have seen God heal and deliver via the Internet for years. And as we all know, with God all things are possible!

Two Ways To Join Our Team

There are two ways that you can participate in the Online Healing Rooms team:  

1.  As a team member physically located in the comfort of your home
The online team member can choose the day and the hour that they will commit to each week. Although it is important to remember that you must be willing to commit to that particular hour each week, you can also enter into the Online Healing Rooms and serve at any other time you wish. Since we may have many Online Healing Rooms team members, the hour you prefer to be a volunteer may already be taken so we cannot guarantee you a particular hour. This Online Healing Rooms member will be accountable to the Online Healing Rooms Director. Our ultimate goal is to be available for those in need every hour of every day.

2.  As a team member physically located at your local Healing Rooms
We are offering each local Healing Rooms an option to be part of the Online Healing Rooms Team during their normal operating hours. We believe that this a great option for an existing Healing Rooms to minister to people around the world who cannot go to a local Healing Rooms. It can create more opportunities to minister healing to others and see the Kingdom of God grow. We already have local Healing Rooms ministering in this way in teams. If a Director wants to incorporate this as part of their prayer rooms their team members can volunteer to do this. Again all that is required is a computer and Internet access, and the heart to be used by God in this way. These online team members will be accountable to the local Director.  We will include the local Healing Rooms days and times of availability in our Online Healing Rooms Schedule [receive personal ministry page].

In Conclusion

We ask that you please pray and seriously consider joining our team.  If the Lord gives you the desire to support the Online Healing Rooms either as an team member, an intercessor or with your finances, we would love to have you partner with us to help us to minister healing to anyone, at anytime day or night, from anywhere in the world. If your heart is to see the captives freed and God move in signs, wonders and miracles - please contact Keith Plunske at