Back Healed

While the prayer team was praying for me, my chronic back problem got worse. But 20 minutes after they were finished praying, the pain was gone. I felt light and was filled with the presence of God.

- IVAN B. ON JULY 25TH, 2018

Hunenberg, Switzerland

Emotional Healing

I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer and received inner, emotional healing. Holy Spirit lead the prayer and knew what I needed to be broken off and healed. I felt God healing me through the prayer. I received healing and was overwhelmed by God's goodness.

- LEAH C. ON JULY 25TH, 2018

Spokane, Washington, USA

Healing of Suppressed Memory

Healed from the lies of feeling "less than" from an event that I didn't know had happened when I was 6. My uncle had molested me. I saw that little boy being put inside my torso and I heard the Holy Spirit say it was the missing puzzle piece/peace.


Spokane, Washington, USA