Neck Healed

GOD the HEALER!!  I came across this man sitting in line to have an X-ray taken as he had been in a car accident, could not move his neck and was in much pain.  I held his hand and commanded the pain to go and his neck to move freely!  All pain left and his neck moved freely from side to side!  Not sure what the X-ray showed.  God loves scrambling man's beliefs!  instead of walking by sight and facing the enemy, we walk by faith and face God!

- Carol Campbell - AUGUST 10, 2018

Divisional Director over Africa and National Director over South Africa

Capetown, South Africa


Healed of Cancer

The Good Lord has restored my health and healed my wounds!

After a year and a half of chemotherapy and radiation, three surgeries, kidney failure and much, much more the enemy tried in order to take me out – Praise to my Father, I am cancer free!!  Doing well!!  And I am alive to declare His faithfulness!

- Rebecca Asbury  ON AUGUST 16, 2018

Sterling Healing Rooms 

Sterling, Illinois, USA


Creative Miracle

The Holy Spirit is at work in Africa!

God is great!!  A lady has received back her uterus and fallopian tubes she lost after a surgery.  Actually, when the uterus and ovaries are removed, there is no way a woman can see her menses again.  But amazingly, as we were busy praying for the lady's daughter, instead of just the daughter being healed, the mother sensed something coming out from her tummy.  When she went home, she noticed she was bleeding.  Her menses were back!  When she went to double check with the gynecologist who did the surgery and removed the uterus, through the scanner, they noticed that the uterus was back.  This is a creative miracle!  Praise God!  Woweee!!

-Augustin Ndjoumbi - AUGUST 21, 2018

Director of the Swimming Pool HR 

Libreville, Gabdon, Africa