Twelve-year old Emma came to the Healing Rooms of Green Bay for prayer for healing of migraine headaches. Here is what she experienced. "I would get headaches since like 2nd grade. I had them at school, on the bus and at home. Anywhere I went it was like they were following me. I was just used to having them. Then one day I went with my dad to the Healing Rooms, and I haven't had them since."

Emma W - April 1, 2019
Healing Rooms of Green Bay
Green Bay, Wisconsin USA



"I was prayed for by the healing team and was set free from pain in my shoulder, neck and back. I also received the confidence that the Lord delivered me from years of tension in my muscles, which had affected my alignment. I can be at rest and I said, "It is finished!""

Bonnie B - April 2, 2019
Healing Rooms of Olathe
Olathe, Kansas USA



"I have been coming for three weeks. On March 27, 2019 I was delivered to Jesus. They have shown me the path to God and healing. If you are in pain or are suffering, I would strongly recommend you to come for prayer. They will help you in ways you can only imagine. I also obtained a miracle of healing while being prayed for, which involved my left leg growing out even with my right leg - an affliction I've suffered from since 1998."

Carol C - April 12, 2019
Healing Rooms of Olathe
Olathe, Kansas USA



I have been struggling with feelings of being a failure professionally, having recently lost a job that I thought I wanted to do for the rest of my career. That has come alongside a 2.5 year medical condition that has caused me severe pain and suffering and no doctor has been able to diagnose. I have received prayer from many different sources during this period of time and have stood in faith believing that I would be healed, either by doctors or through the power of God’s touch. After receiving the news that even surgery was not going to be an option for me, my spiritual life was deeply affected. I have felt powerless and hopeless as the pain continued. This led to situational depression that was affecting every part of my life.

Then one Friday evening, while my wife and I were praying together, I began to repent for being hopeless and not putting my trust in God. We made declarations that these feelings were no longer permitted and that in the morning, a new sense of hope and expectation about my new job would replace the feelings of failure about the old one. When we woke up on Saturday morning, there was a tangible shift in the atmosphere of our home.

That evening I received a call from a surgeon I had seen in Seattle. He said that he had finally been able to review a test that I had had done in January and was able to compare it to the same test that I had done 2 years before. He was able to see that there were definite changes that now warranted a diagnosis that supported moving forward with surgery. My healing is coming!

Jim C – April 14, 2019
Spokane Healing Rooms
Spokane, Washington USA



Thank you very much for your prayers and the prayer cloths. I have been delivered completely from the demonic attacks ever since I kept them in our pillows and pockets. We are able to rejoice in Christ! My children no longer have the gnashing of teeth or terrors that they suffered from. God has set us free and we have His peace and I look forward to spending each day in God's presence.
Praise the Lord!

Rashmi J- April 18, 2019
Texas USA