A Spoken Word Brings Healing -

I came in last month (to the Healing Rooms) and they took me to the “big room” (for prayer). The team had a word for me. They said, “Ray of sunshine”.  At first, I just did not understand. Later, I looked up the Lithuanian meaning and it said: “Yes, in the Kingdom of light, Yes!” Then I remembered that at my wedding the videographer told me to say that I was a ray of sunshine. I could not say it at the time.

Later, after prayer, I finally got the courage to say it and when I spoke it out loud, I was set free! I am walking in freedom and enjoying life. Please thank the people who prayed for me.

Jolita T – April 20, 2019
Spokane Healing Rooms
Spokane, Washington USA

Healings in Hayward –

God is moving in California! We had the opportunity to spend a few days at the Santa Maria Healing Rooms (Rick and Lori Taylor) which got us stirred up to expect more for our Healing Rooms.

The Lord had put on my heart to do a Healing Service on 4/18 – before Easter. Later we realized that it was in alignment with Luke 4:18 – the Lord was going to set the captives free and release healing in a powerful way. We spent the weeks leading up to the service fasting and praying for God’s presence to be there and for mighty miracles to happen. One hour before the service, the team met and prayed – we received a word that there would be an OPEN PORTAL and we would experience the Kingdom of heaven on earth during the service. The Associate Director received Words of knowledge of the healings to happen, which included anxiety, addiction, COPD, skin disorders, eye degeneration, diabetes, heart condition, arthritis, breast cancer and others – plus there would be someone hurting from the loss of a loved one. During the service, one of our ministers who was praying over the service received a visitation, not a vision, she says, but a visitation from Jesus where He was standing right in front of her, holding a rainbow that extended from one hand to the other. He passed the rainbow to her hands and the rainbow went through her hands to form a complete circle. Where the rainbow hit her hands, there was a bright light. This was only part of what happened – the rest tied in with direction for the destiny God has for her in ministry. It has totally changed her perspective and direction for her life.

We had live worship and then had three individuals share testimonies of healing. The Lord started healing during worship (back pain gone). Another person was healed during the testimony (pain in her hand just left). We had people come to the altar for prayer – total transformation was happening, strongholds breaking off of people, pain leaving their bodies. There were just so many testimonies. One that stirred my heart was a woman who was weeping as she was receiving prayer. The tears rolled down her cheeks, and as they hit the palm of her hand, she said that it felt like hot oil. She has experienced major transformation and healing and is excited to step back into ministry for the Lord again. There was the person who came forward for prayer who had lost a loved one and said he had a “broken heart” and was having a very difficult time since her death. With prayer, he started weeping and said he felt a release and was so thankful that we had this Healing Service.

This is just a taste of some of the testimonies! The place was filled with the love of God and everyone there felt it. It has stirred up our ministry team and we are in a state of expectancy of what the Lord has next!

Theresa E - April 29, 2019
Healing Rooms of Hayward
Hayward, California USA

Prayer Cloth Testimony -

Thank you for sending us prayer cloths.  I placed one near my wife’s pillow and an allergy issue she had got to where it would not return again.  Also I place one under my pillow and slowly but surely a neck issue I was bothered with went away.  Praise the Lord!!

p.s. Thank you for being the steadfast ministers of the Good News and this Prayer Cloth Ministry that you are.

G and J – May 2, 2019
Received Prayer Cloths by mail
Idaho, USA


This last week was exceptional as we had a fresh outpouring in our Healing Rooms.
A man came in with severe stomach issues and his stomach was so bloated. His shirt buttons were pulling apart. The ministers started praying for him and his stomach started to shrink. Within moments, it was shrunk back to normal size with no pain. The Lord gave them a word of knowledge that his neck on the C2 and C4 were misaligned. He was amazed they knew that. He left totally healed and loved on by the Father.

The following night a woman came in with a neck injury to her bones and nerves that was causing severe pain in both her neck and arm. After praying, they all could hear the bones crack as they went back in place. When the bones went back into place, the nerves released. Both the arm and neck pain were gone. She called the next morning to say it was the first time in months she hadn’t been in pain. In fact, she said she felt like doing the happy dance!

The presence of the Lord has been so thick, on client said it felt electric with God’ Presence when they walked in. One of the ministers actually lost five pounds in the Glory during worship. She weighs daily and there was a 5 pound loss when she weighed the next morning.
During worship, His Presence was so strong that the walls began to vibrate. We all felt it. I actually thought maybe Arizona was having an earthquake. I repented for not believing, after the Lord told me it was Him.

Janet O - May 20, 2019
Maricopa Healing Rooms
Maricopa, Arizona USA