The Cinderella Slipper and the ROAR of the Lioness - Maggie Barratto


Maggie Barratto

Recently, the Lord impressed upon me the Cinderella story.

I was focused on the part in the story where Cinderella lost her glass slipper and the Prince’s servant was sent out to find the rightful owner of the ‘slipper’ as a way of identifying the Prince's beloved. He did this by trying the slipper on the feet of all the women in the land.

In the story, as soon as the servant put the slipper on the foot of Cinderella, it fit her perfectly and her true identity was sealed and revealed!

In a suddenly moment, her true identity was revealed as the Prince’s beloved!

The Lord impressed upon me that today there is a similar thing happening to the women in the body of Christ - the Holy Spirit is going out into all the land to seal and reveal the true identity of the beloved of Jesus Christ, especially those who have been struggling in who they are and what they are called to do.

The Holy Spirit is bringing the glass slipper back to its rightful owner because ‘the right shoe can totally change your life!’

In a vision- I saw the Holy Spirit begin to visit women in this season, to release to them their true Identity as the bride of Jesus Christ and the Father’s daughters! And I heard the Lord say, "Identity is being restored and it will become clear! You will no longer wonder who you are! You will know your identity as the Prince’s beloved, as the Father’s daughters! You will no longer be tossed to and fro. You will be anchored in knowing who you are. You will walk like, talk like, look like and act like a daughter!

Rise up, mighty warriors, for you carry a mandate for war! You are perfectly designed and equipped for such a time as this!"

I saw that these glass shoes weren’t normal shoes- they’re dancing shoes, and as soon as the shoe slipped into place, I saw the women rise up and begin to dance on the head of injustice!

Just like in the book of Joshua, I saw their feet being positioned on the neck of their enemies. The women began to dance on their enemies, including the enemies of intimidation and fear of man and rejection and poverty and jealousy etc.

I saw that this dance was a warrior dance, a victory dance. And then I saw the dance begin to transform into a processional! A processional through the streets!

I saw the women dancing through the streets of their cities and regions and nations and they began strategically pulling down strongholds and demolishing the works of the enemy!

Then I could hear the ROAR of a lioness begin to rise up within them as they began to ROAR with the Lion of Judah! I saw that they were taking their place as Mothers in the body of Christ, mothers over cities, mothers over regions and mothers over nations!

These women were releasing the Mothering aspect of the Father’s Heart and their ROAR was releasing the Fathering aspect of the Father’s Heart. And I saw that these mothers were the key to releasing the fullness of the Father’s heart into the earth - because it's the movement of Mothering that will release the movement of Fathering!

I could hear them as they began to ROAR over cities and ROAR over regions and ROAR over Nations.
"Behold I do a new thing says the Lord!
Behold the ROAR of the Lion of Judah!
Behold the ROAR of the Lioness!"

Maggie Baratto is the Healing Rooms National Director of Canada and  the founding and managing Director of  Father's Heart Healing Ministries in Arthur, Ontario, where she and her husband, Eddie, reside. God has given her a voice that, under His anointing, shakes the very atmosphere into divine  alignment.