Cancerous Tumor Healed -

On October 11th Bill Johnson prayed for a 36 year old man with a stage four brain tumor and a 1% chance of survival. Since then, he has had two scans which revealed that the brain tumor is gone! There is now no sign of cancer!

Submitted by Domenick N – November 8, 2019
Lynchburg, VA

Vision Restored -

A woman came into our Healing Room on being guided by a friend. It was obvious she was blind. As we anointed her and began talking to her, we found she'd been this way about 6 weeks. Her sight went slowly. She was so downcast and said "I must have my sight. I cannot go out by myself now.” Her right eye was abnormal, looking stone-like. She only had an empty socket on the left. I asked her if she could tell us what caused the sight loss. She responded angrily, “It was a person that did it and I will NEVER forgive her. We began asking her if she could forgive this person, sharing that the bitterness could actually hurt her. Holy Spirit moved on her sweetly and eventually she had a subtle sweet look and said quietly "I will forgive her". We all broke out in praise!

Then we spoke to her right eye to be made WHOLE. We asked her if she had any sight. She said no, but there were dots of light that hadn't been there before we prayed. We felt we were done praying and told her we felt her miracle was on the way and invited her to please come back to the Healing Rooms in 2 weeks. She did return and we anointed and prayed over her again.

Yesterday, November 8th 2019, we were in the Healing Rooms praying over a paper for our first client, when we heard a stir and happy voices from the reception area. She CAME IN BY HERSELF WITH HER SIGHT BACK. After praying for our client, we were able to join the others in the reception room to rejoice with her in receiving her miracle sight!! She grabbed me and pulled me out on the front porch, throwing her arms around me saying, "Thank you! THANK you! You guys cared about me.” I looked into her eyes and said "this is how much Jesus loves you!”

As I looked, I saw that her right eye was a beautiful perfect blue eye!! And she also had an eye in her left socket!  Everyone thought she'd had a creative miracle in that one!  But as we went back inside visiting, she shared that, yes, she had a miracle alright. She found her prosthetic eye because she had her sight back!! We all had a good laugh over that, but told her we'd keep believing for her miracle left eye!! We prayed for her at the closing of that day and all she could say was, "I want to heal others".

Diane C - November 10, 2019
Healing Rooms Tillamook County
Garibaldi, Oregon USA

(This beautiful testimony was submitted by Carol Campbell, the Divisional Director over Africa and the National Director over South Africa.)

ASPERGER’S SYNDROME Sovereignly Healed in His Presence.

Anne Claire shared that on Saturday, during the Healing Conference at the Madison de Guérison Healing Rooms, something happened.

I was healed physically. I had Asperger’s Syndrome to a high degree. Usually I would get very tired very quickly during the day, because of the light and the noise, and I need a lot of sleep to recuperate, for my nerves to recover. Yesterday morning and this morning my husband woke me up quite early without meaning to, and usually when I wake up before 7 o’clock, by the end of the morning I am just exhausted. I always need to eat every two hours, but on Monday I did not have to eat often; in fact, I even fasted at lunchtime and spent the whole afternoon with God. Also part of autism is I had trouble with entering into contact with God, as if there was a veil separating us. I felt very alone. I’m not sure if it has to do with autism or something else, but I had a very strong feeling of solitude. So on Monday I spent the whole afternoon worshipping and praying; the veil was not there anymore between me and God. The solitude and the loneliness was all gone!

I was reconciled with God and since Saturday I have had goosebumps nearly all day. And I don’t feel tired anymore. This morning I woke up really early and did not need to nap at all during the day. On the way here to the conference while riding the tram, a baby was crying. Usually I just can’t stand that noise. But today it did not have any effect on me at all. I believe that I have really been visited by God, not just in inner healing, but in physical healing as well!
Thank You Jesus!

Ann C. – October 29, 2019
Madison de Guerison Healing Rooms
Nantes, France