COVID 19 Healed -

On March 15, my hair stylist called to cancel my appointment because her husband had COVID-19 and they were in isolation at home. She said he was really struggling and short of breath, and she let me pray for them over the phone.

Two days later I sent her a text to let her know my women’s group from church was praying for them and sent a link to the song “The Blessing” with Kari Jobe. I found out later that on that day she had to take her husband to the ER because he became severely dehydrated.
That Monday night I asked the Northshore Healing Rooms team to pray with me about them. We also prayed the following Monday night for them and then again last Saturday. On Saturday, as we were praying, I got a picture of him wanting to get out and do yard work.

That day I heard from my stylist again and found out her husband had turned the corner five days previous, which would have been right after we prayed the previous Monday night. She said his fever left and he was getting his energy back.

I told my stylist, “It’s funny, but when we were praying for him yesterday, I had a picture of him wanting to get out and do yard work. Is that something he likes to do?”

She said, “Yes, he said he can’t wait to be outside next week and go to town on the yard! How crazy.”

My stylist was blown away that we had been praying for her husband so much, and that he turned the corner right after we had prayed last Monday night. She was also blown away by the prophetic picture of her husband wanting to get out and go work on the yard. I feel like that was the Lord's way of confirming his love and care to them.

Linda - April 3, 2020

Northshore Healing Rooms

Bothell, Washington USA

Various Healings Through Zoom Calls -

During these days as we adjust and adapt to the new things God is doing at the Santa Maria Healing Rooms, we’ve launched, for the first-time, Online Zoom Ministry, including ministry to our Hispanic community. We’ve been operating now for 1 week and had the opportunity to pray for several people for both physical and emotional needs.

A woman from Germany received ministry, who had a long history of miscarriages, a successful pregnancy, but died on the table and was revived, and is now, currently pregnant. Her present pregnancy is “high risk” and she was having many early contractions before their time. Doctors told her that she was “high risk” once again. She was tormented with fear of bleeding out and dying. Prior to her call, she cried for two days straight, oppressed, depressed, and fearful of “bleeding out”.

After ministry, she wrote back to report that all the contractions had stopped. It had been several hours which had been atypical of what she had been experiencing. She reported feeling extremely peaceful, light in heart and all the tormenting thoughts gone. Praise Jesus!

Another needed prayer came in from a woman experiencing acute pain from bulging discs in the spine, and impinged nerves. Once again after Dr. Jesus ministered to her, pain free!

One other person sought physical and emotional healing as she felt alone and spiritually beaten down (not physically) in her marriage. She was not sleeping well. The Holy Spirit ministered the Father’s love and grace to both spouses which led to forgiveness of husband and self for harboring resentment and self-pity. She experienced soul healing and went from many tears at the beginning to the end of ministry time, laughing about the very things she used to feel wounded from.

Several people are receiving fresh hope and vision for their lives. Another elderly woman reported that she felt so alone and isolated. She had no family. During ministry, she had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. She felt HIs warmth and love and could not deny his tangible presence. She knew she wasn’t alone which gave her so much peace and assurance that as a believer she really did have Christ dwelling within her.

Ministry Team Perspective
From a ministry team perspective this quarantine period has been fruitful in removing all the unnecessary distractions, even the good things. Many are experiencing a personal honeymoon as they spend more time with the lover of their soul.

They are re-discovering that all things are lawful, but not all things are beneficial, even the good things that would take the place of God’s best.

For many of our older team, we’ve found that having to adapt to technology has become one form of a “new wine skin”; yet we’ve happily discovered that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, even the old dogs learning new tricks!

One of the newer members of our team said it well, “My experience ministering through Zoom is not at all just wires, but I’m discovering that it is His presence within me that I’m releasing. I was uneasy how I would do ministry over the phone or through a Zoom call, when I couldn’t lay on hands.”

One team member reported God using her in a powerful way during this quarantine. She reported, “As I was giving words of encouragement to empower the ladies, at the same time God was empowering me!!! For more than 30 years as a single mother, I have been in the “doing mode” like Martha, always blaming my circumstances, but the Lord said, ‘NO MORE CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!’”

Another team member shared their perspective: “God has broken the physical constraint of geographical borders and has increased our reach to other countries. On Tuesday, we prayed via Zoom for a woman in the Philippines, and also for a man in Ecuador. And afterwards we prayed for a man on the phone for a woman somewhere in the LA area.”

Despite the challenges of going “live” we have found God to be more than faithful!!

Many, many other things we could report, but I don’t want to make this too long.

Randy Shintaku - April 12, 2020
Graeme and Sabrina Walsh
Santa Maria Healing Rooms
Santa Maria, California USA