The Crown - Dianne Willgress


THE CROWN   © Dianne Willgress

An evil virus unleashed
From the enemy of our soul
A feeble attempt
To keep us from being whole

A crown of pure evil
Sent to bring fear
Increasing darkness
Look! The King of Light is here

No evil or darkness
Can vanquish God’s plan
Or conquer God’s warriors
Marching valiantly through the land

A call to dance on injustice
Sounding from God’s throne
Warriors of the Light
Wearing a crown of their own

Stand in your anointing
Stretch forth your healing hands
Through His mighty power
Corona virus comes to an end

Holy sons and daughters
Righteous heirs of the King
Hurry now to worship
Your precious gifts now bring

Raise up a glorious banner
Lift it high for all to see
The enemy has fallen
Help from angels we receive

A temporary dilemma
From the enemy’s camp
We raise a hallelujah
With oil in our lamp

Our King is undefeated
He reigns in majesty
He is the Lord Almighty
He rules by His decree

He is crowned with many crowns
Of mercy, grace and love
He is our Sole Defender
Only look to Him above

No weapon formed against us
Will ever rule or reign
No enemy is strong enough
To take back the ground we gain

Stand up and fight
Do not shrink back now
Breakthrough is in your hand
At Victory’s feet we bow

So praise your King
He lends a listening ear
Your victory song of worship
He’s bending down to hear   

© Dianne Willgress 3/26/20