"Pesach Sheni" the "Second Passover" - Susan Van Horn


Early this morning, April 21, 2020, Holy Spirit woke me up and placed a vision before me of people, trapped inside an eggshell.  There was the point of a chisel placed on the surface of the eggshells and a hammer about to tap the shell to break it open.  As I asked Holy Spirit to reveal what this vision meant, I immediately knew that it was related to the isolation the world is in, His people are in, but also to Passover.  I wondered if that meant the shells have already been cracked or if it is coming.

Knowing the Passover ended April 16th, I assumed that the Lord was saying that the shells are already cracked and He is breaking us out of our isolation.  But I knew that didn’t feel right, that there was more.  The “more” the Holy Spirit led me to was “Pesach Sheni”, Second Passover.  Today, the Jewish people refer to “Pesach Sheni” as “The Mistake Holiday”.

In the book of Numbers, a year after the Exodus, Moses and Aaron were approached by Israelites who had missed the ritual of sacrifice and offerings to God along with the redemption that accompanied it because they had been ceremonially unclean.  They complained that it was unfair that they had been deprived of being able to present offerings to God in the proper time.  In response to this plea, Moses was instructed by God to establish “Pesach Sheni”, one month after the first Passover, for anyone who was unable to bring the offering on its appointed time the previous month.  As time went by and the Israelites became established in Jerusalem, the “Pesach Sheni” became the Second Passover opportunity for anyone that had been unclean, was traveling outside of Jerusalem or had purposely not taken part in the first Passover.  The Second Passover represented the “second chance” achieved by the power of repentance and “return”.  Many Jewish rabbis today say “The Second Passover” means that it’s never a “lost case”.  When you make mistakes, accidentally or on purpose, it is possible to be given a “second chance”!

So, how does all of this fit together in interpreting the vision of the cracking of the shell we all appear to be inside of?  This year, the “Pesach Sheni” occurs at sundown on Friday, May 8th thru sundown on Saturday the 9th.  This “second chance” at celebrating God’s Passover, of repenting and being restored into right relationship with God is 17 days away! (from the 21st)  I believe the Holy Spirit was telling me to be prepared.  There is going to be some serious shell cracking going on!

I believe God’s hammer and chisel are going to meet the hard shells of resistance and breakthrough, bringing light and love inside the shell and “Awakening” will burst out!  I believe the pestilence of Coronavirus is going to be cracked open and exposed to the heat of the Holy Spirit and the light of Jesus Christ!  I believe that even those of us who know Jesus as our Savior and friend are breaking out into a new dimension of relationship with Him.

Is there more?  I don’t know all that this vision means.  But, I do know the Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ and His Resurrection.  I do know that no matter how thick the shell, the redemption Jesus bought on the cross is the ultimate “Second Chance”! And I do know that our God holds the hammer and the chisel and whatever He has planned for “Pesach Sheni” this year, it is because He loves us.  May He be glorified in mighty ways on the Second Chance Passover!