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Testimonies: All Types of Healing
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"The Lord has given me freedom from addiction. The Lord has healed me from emotional anguish and mental illness as He has revealed to me that He wants me to be whole and completely healthy."

- Julie M. on August 24th, 2000
Entered online Feb 1st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Upon my 1st visit to the Healing Rooms God opened my eyes to the full atoning sacrifice of Jesus.

I was oppressed by severe fibromyalgia, CFS, and Chemical Sensitivity. I could hardly walk 100 yards. Realizing that I could rebuke the lying oppression of pain, I did so on three different occasions. After gaining victory through Jesus, I walked two miless at on time (on three different occasions).

The enemy is still trying to oppress me, but I'm taking pro-active measures against him. I fully expect total victory and healing in Jesus name."

- Mark P. on May 14th, 2003
Entered online Nov 22nd, 2005
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I'm telling everyone that I have been healed by Jesus! I have had chronic back pain for 23 months-2 neurosurgeons and countless procedures hadn't provided relief. I have a degenerative issue and 4 bulging discs, scoliosis, twisted and filted pelvis and hadn't slept in my own bed more than 6 times in 10 months. Since my one visit to the Healing Rooms I have slept in my oven bed every night (all night) for over 2 months. I am an inch taller; my hips aren't twisted or tilted any more. I sit tall, walk tall (no more slouch) I don't have the pain I used to have. God needs to use me whole and I am totally listening to wait for my next move. Thank you Jesus for giving me my life back!! You are precious!"

- Kim B. on April 14th, 2004
Entered online Nov 22nd, 2005
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I cam to the Healing Rooms due to health problems I was having. Chronic Fatigue was one of the major complaints I had. I was encouraged to exercise my prayer language by the team.

My fatigue levels dropped considerably by doing so and I have found overall I feel much better. I found that each time I came in I felt a little better each time, prayer was received.

The healing process for me has been a gradual process. I see God completing a great work in me through healing prayer. God can do it for anyone who will simply believe him and His word at face value. Don't allow Satan to discourage you from accepting the God gifts he wants to give you! "

- Brian W. on March 3rd, 2002
Entered online Nov 22nd, 2005
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Set free form mental confussion, deep depression, and chronic fatigue. Released into a clearer vision of Jesus Christ and set free to worship. Thank you Lord Jesus!"

- Charity V. on March 22nd, 2001
Entered online Nov 22nd, 2005
Spokane Healing Rooms

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