Training Seminar 


It is our desire to see Healing Rooms of excellence and integrity established around the world.  God is revealing His Word for today to His Third Day Church, the Church that will bring in the final harvest through the Kingdom Message, and through Divine Healing and Divine Health. We believe it is God's will to equip the church for an awesome end time display of HIS presence and power.  To fulfill that calling, we offer training sessions to share the Spirit and the Truth about what God's doing through us, and to Impart that Anointing and Vision to all who will come.  We have found that through the teaching of the Word and the laying on of hands, the healing anointing can be transferred to those willing to be used by God to bring His healing to others.  Are you hungry to be a doer of the Word, not just a hearer? Come join others from every area of life to be ministers of healing for the nations.

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