What is the vision and goals for the Healing Rooms of Loveland?

1)    To re-establish healing as a vital ministry in the church.

2)    To unite, heal and restore the family of God.

3)    To bring together a united team of intercessors and healing

        teams from as many churches across Loveland and northern

        Colorado as possible.

4)    To have place where everyone will feel welcome to have a

        divine appointment with the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

5)    To have our own building so we can:

        Open full time five to six days , eight to nine hours a day.

         To become an Apostolic Training center, with ongoing


        With  ten plus rooms just for personal ministry needs,

         healing,  prophetic and Deliverance.

        A meeting room that will seat five hundred plus.

        Increase the size of the book store.

        To help other start up ministries with a place to meet.

6)    To establish a partnership program so that other will share in

        the blessing.  Prayer, intercessors, and monthly finance

        partners always needed and welcome. 

7)    To increase our volunteer base to 150 plus

8)    To help open more Healing Rooms in northern Colorado and

        where else asked help.

9)    To help train, and mentor the next generation. Students

         praying for students.

   10)  To always love everyone the like Jesus does.

If you ever want to help further the kingdom let us know.