Healed of Kidney Stones!!  July 2015

Praise the Lord. The Lord let me live a life free of physical concerns until recently. In May of this year, I was diagnosed as having a large 3 cm. kidney stone and several smaller ones after suffering from extreme pains in the stomach and lower back, causing me to go to the emergency room . In subsequent doctor visits, my urologist said that the stones cannot be dissolved or she would be out of a job. She suggested I take an abundance of medicine to pass the stones. Instead of taking that route, I asked for prayer at the healing rooms in La Salle and Bolingbrook, Illinois. In July I was scheduled to have x rays and sonograms taken and they revealed that there were no kidney stones present! The doctor called and told me there was no need to return until next year for my annual physical! Shortly afterwards we attended Cal Pierce Healing Rooms area conference in Madison, Wisconsin and I testified in front of 300 people that the Lord healed me of the kidney stones. The next day the large kidney stone and smaller ones passed with no pain or discomfort! God works in mysterious ways!    Larry George July 24, 2015

Healed of Addition to Novels!! July 2015

You may not think that reading novels back to back non stop is unhealthy, but it was! Let me explain. We have wonderful life to live and I was longing for excitement. I am also an empty nester mom and grandmother (my family are all out of town), so I was replacing those losses with reading novels back to back or listening to them on the kindle. I was getting nudges in the Spirit, that I was reading these too much, but when I heard Michelle Pierce speak of this in Madison, Wisconson, in 2015, I knew that I needed help with this too. She also wrote about it in "Recieve your Healing & Reclaim your Health," written by Cal Pierce. I asked for prayer and together with reading the book, the Lord filled me with His Spirit and a hunger for His Living Word that has not gone away! The excitement of reading His Word has been renewed in my life! And His Presence fills me with the companionship I was missing from being close to family members! My Spiritual life is growing again and I have no more hunger for the fake thrills of novels. Thank you Jesus! Katy George August 15, 2015  

Healed of hallucinations. August 9, 2015

I had hallucinations and the doctors could not find what was causing them. I went for several tests and they always came out negative. Even an MRI. I went to the Healing Rooms in Bolingbrook on July 19 and am greatly improved. They are more mild now and gentle. I am able to pray against it on my own now. Also My eyes are stronger. I can read a whole line now! My husband says I am more understanding now and more on top of things. I have more energy too since I asked for prayer. I would like to become an intercessor too now. Gloria Rusell