We are delighted that you are seeking God's power for healing in your life.

Healing was an important part of Jesus's earthly ministry and healing is part of the abundant life that Jesus died to give us!

At the Healing Rooms of Montgomery County, it is our goal to connect people with God's love and healing power. We are a group of born-again Christians who believe that God still heals today and that we, as Believers, have been give the authority by Jesus to minister healing in His Name.

Our Director is Felicia Walker. She has been ministering healing to others for more than ten years and has seen dramatic manifestations of healing. Some of these include a back bent with scoliosis straighten; a man doubled over in pain with slipped vertebrae stand up without pain...and accept the Lord as Savior - the greatest miracle of all!; twisted limbs straighten; degenerative vertebrae regrow; and back pain of all kinds healed. Other healings include many more physical issues, as well as emotional and spiritual ones.

Felicia trains others to minister healing and has served as a speaker at women's conferences. She regularly leads groups on healing, the power of praise and other topics and operates in words of knowledge and other spiritual gifts.

Our Team is comprised of carefully-selected and specially-trained members who are called to a healing ministry. Many have experienced healing themselves or seen a close family member healed. We minister in teams of two or three and it is amazing to see how God orchestrates just the right people to be part of each prayer team.

Whatever your need, we look forward to meeting and ministering to you. Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at montcohealingrooms@gmail.com