The Vision

Given to John G. Lake October 10, 1909, in tongues with interpretation.


Jesus thou King! Glorious and eternal!
Mighty and loving! Powerful and grand!
Who through the blackness and darkness infernal
Guideth and holdeth Thy child by the hand.

Pierced is Thy soul! Grieved is Thy Spirit!
Bleeding Thy feet are! Wounded Thy hand!
Sorrowing Christ, through the Veil now uplifted
See I Thy beckoning with uplifted hand.

Hear I Thy voice as to me Thou now speakest!
See I Thy teardrops silently fall!
Know I the anguish Thy sorrowing Spirit
Feels as Thou d1ftnkest this wormwood and gall.

What, Lord, the cause of Thy anguish of Spirit?
Why doth this suffering come to Thee now?
Crucified once, on the cross wast Thou lifted?
Have not the cruel thorns pierced Thy brow?

Have not the sins of mankind on Thee rested
Causing Thy soul in anguish to be torn?
Has not the blood-sweat from Thee been wrested?
Have not Thy saints for the crucified mourned?

Why is it then that again now I see Thee
Bruised and bleeding, anguished and lone?
Why is the Spirit of Christ now within me
Witnessing thus of Thy sorrow again?

List to the answer! Let all the world hear it!
Jesus is speaking! Let all hear His voice!
It is because of the sins of my people.
It is because ye will not heed My voice.

Do ye not bite and devour one another?
Do ye not slay with your tongue and pen
Many of my precious daughters and mothers,
Young men and maidens, E’en boys and old men?

Have ye e’er stood in the fire where they’re tested?
Have ye e’er felt of the withering blast?
Know ye how long and how hard they’ve resisted
Fighting and struggling unto the last?

Why did ye not stretch your hand out to help them?
Why from thy soul did not sympathy flow?
Did not My Spirit within Thee say, “help them
Out of their bondage, or darkness or woe?”

Thus am I crucified! Thus My soul anguished!
This is the cause of My sorrow and woe!
This is the reason that Satan has vanquished
Many who once were as pure as the snow!

Oh, let thy heart in yearning compassion,
Gentleness, meekness and tenderness mild,
Give of My grace to the soul swept with passion
Power to live at My feet as a child.

Then shall the gladness and brightness of heaven
Flood thine own spirit and cause thee to move
Among the crushed and the wounded and broken
Bringing them sunshine, gladness and love.

Then shall thy spirit in tune with the heavenlies,
Rapturous joys in the Spirit shall know.
Then shall the power of God rest upon thee.
Then in the fruits of the Spirit thou’lt grow.

Then shall the earth know the glory of heaven.
Then shall dominion o’er death and o’er hell
Reign in thine own soul, spread as the leaven
Causing angels and men My praises to swell.

Then shall the Christ o’er the earth be victorious!
Then shall the power of My gospel be known!
My kingdom shall come! Eternal and Glorious!
United! The heavens and the earth shall be one!