"Agape"--God's Love Versus Inordinate Affection

"They 'searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so' (Acts 17:11)."

"A group is searching the Word to see if a certain teacher or preacher is correct. Mr. A. finds the teaching contains an unscriptural item and suggests it be rejected. Mr. B. speaks up and says, 'You are attacking the teacher. I reject what you say because I love the teacher.'"

"Which of the two is manifesting God's love? Mr. A. is. What is Mr. B. manifesting? Inordinate affection. He loves the man more than he loves the truth."

"When a person becomes so emotionally involved with a person they will reject truth to defend that person, he or she is manifesting inordinate affection."

"(Inordinate means 'exceeding reasonable limits; not regulated.' Inordinate affection is unregulated love. It is outside God's love.)"

"This is often true of people who were converted under a certain preacher. They will defend him, right or wrong. That is manifesting inordinate affection."

"Further, if a teacher or preacher requests another to back him right or wrong, he is asking for inordinate affection. Agape 'God's love' would say, 'Search to see if I'm right. If I am wrong reject the wrong and cling to the good. Don't be afraid to say I was wrong to the group if I'm not there. What I taught is a matter of public record. There is a difference between correcting something I taught and attacking me personally.'"

"Again, if in a public teaching session, a listener points out a scripture that will change or modify what is being taught and the teacher refuses to consider it, then the teacher is guilty of inordinate affection. He loves himself and what he believes more that [sic] he loves the truth."

"Beware of 'inordinate affection' (Colossians 3:5). Love God so much that you will stand for the truth at all times. Love Him and His Word so much you will be willing to be corrected even in public. Paul corrected Peter openly. (See Galatians 2:11.)"