Are the Days of Miracles Past?

by John G. Lake

Among the shrewdest and most damaging lies that was ever told was Satan’s lie that the days of miracles are past. And the shrewdness of it is in the fact that he got the church, her priests, ministers, and preachers to tell the lie. It has produced more infidels, created more unbelief concerning God than perhaps any other lie. But the days of miracles are never past and never will be past so long as Jesus Christ remains “the same yesterday, today, and forever.” (See Hebrews 13:8; 1 Corinthians 12:8–12; Matthew 8:1–17; Mark 16:17.) Read the following testimonies.

Healing of G. Y. Locke, M.D., Portland, Oregon, August 6, 1921

It gives me the greatest pleasure of my life to testify that I, Dr. Genevieve Y. Locke, Office: 708 Dekum Building, Residence: 535 Yamhill, Phone: Auto 527–72, received instant healing from the mighty prayer of Dr. Lake.

About three weeks ago last Wednesday, I suffered a broken rib, causing great agony, the shock affecting my heart. I was positive at the time that I had a broken a rib and went soon afterwards to the office of one of the leading chiropractic doctors of the city, had him examine me on the operating table, and to my great surprise, he told me there was nothing wrong, there were no broken ribs. So, trying to hold up under great suffering in the strength of his theory, I continued to work in my home under difficulties until one Saturday, I was unable to arise from bed at all. I was simply exhausted from trying to hold up under the strain all of this time, as no doubt everyone knows the seriousness of a broken bone without proper attention.

I knew that my condition was very serious, even critical, yet tried to hide the truth from my friends and loved ones. I was growing weaker and weaker, facing an operation from the medical point of view, believing it to be the only chance. I had the very best physician in Portland called to my bedside. I say the best, because he did not try to hide the seriousness of my case from me; but to my surprise, he looked into my eyes and told me the truth with all the heartfelt sympathy that any man or woman can give another. I thanked and blessed him as he left my bedside.

He made a second call, only to say the same as before and to add that I was growing weaker each hour, that my entire body had become affected by the poisonous fluid that had accumulated around the broken rib, and that my heart was leaking until one could hardly feel the circulation.

Two specialists were called to my bedside, only to verify the statements of the first physician. By this time, however, my loved ones and friends had began to realize the seriousness of my condition and were suffering with me, the pain being too great to be suffered silently. My business affairs are always kept in shape so that in case of death, there would be nothing to disturb those left behind. I gave myself up into the silence that no one feels until death is hovering near and said, “Blessed Savior, not my will, but Thine be done.”

All was well with me as I have always tried to live close to God. Just at that minute, at three o’clock in the afternoon, a voice out of somewhere whispered the name Dr. John G. Lake. Instantly, I had him called. As soon as he received the message, he came immediately to my home. It was four o’clock when he arrived, and I was gasping for breath with the chill of death all over my body. He came to my bedside with his kind, gentle smile that I have since found so characteristic of him, and with the divine love of God that is within him, and knelt at my bedside to pray.

The look of faith in his eyes that reflected to me his own soul gave me the confidence and assurance that even death could be overcome by being close to God in prayer. He spoke only a word or two to me. The bandage around my body, which was to support the broken rib, seemed to be a hundred pound weight that was crushing me. As he prayed with faith, it seemed as though that bandage was slipping, for I began to breathe without the slightest effort and realized the wondrous and marvelous fact that I was receiving instant healing. I could not keep from crying out, “Oh blessed Savior, I am breathing in the breath of life.” Dr. Lake knew what had taken place; he smiled and said, “You are well and can get out of bed whenever you want to,” but advised me to keep a little quiet for a few days.

He left as quietly as he had come, just as though he had not just proven to myself and friends that he could heal today just as Jesus did. Who could possibly question his relationship to God after such a demonstration of the love of God and the lifting up a soul from the very throes of death?

After he had left the house, I sat up in bed to show my friends that I was no longer sick, that God had healed me as sure as there is a God in heaven. I talked and sang, and next morning could scarcely wait to get to the phone to tell Dr. Lake the good news of my perfect healing. I feel so happy and free that I would just love to take the whole world in my arms and tell them the glad tidings that God does and will heal, and it is the only thing that can and will last, God’s divine love.

Baby Barnes Healed from Death

One of the touching healings is that of the little babe of Mrs. May Barnes of Washougal, Washington. She wrote a pitiful letter of entreaty to us for prayer for her baby, who was born a “blue baby.” She said, “Oh, Dr. Lake, do not let my baby die! Do not let my baby die! Oh, Dr. Lake, you are a father yourself; do not let my baby die.” And again, “Oh, Dr. Lake, pray. Pray. Do not let my baby die.”

The child had suffered from a weak heart and malnutrition from birth and had three dreadful ruptures, one in each groin and a great naval rupture. She was advised to bring the baby to Dr. Lake. The child was so withered away that it looked like a little wizened up alligator. The power of God came upon the child as prayer was offered, and it began to mend and eat and sleep as other babes. It took on flesh and grew plump and rosy, and when she returned to her home, the babe was perfectly well with the exception of one rupture. So one day soon after, she returned with the babe; the rupture was inflamed and painful; but as hands were laid upon the child in prayer, the rupture was instantly healed; and though the child has since had a severe attack of whooping cough, there has been no return of the rupture or other sickness.

More Testimonies

Mr. George Alley was stricken with pneumonia and reported dying. Two of our ministers went to him. When prayer was offered, he was so blessed and healed that he soon fell asleep. Not knowing that the man had already received healing, Dr. Wallace and his wife went to the house and found that the family was asleep; so they did not trouble to awaken the people, but knelt down in the dark on the front porch and prayed. When they had ceased to pray, Dr. Wallace told his wife that he had heard from God and that the man was well, and he was.

On Friday night last, fifty-two testimonies of recent miracles of healing were given. These testimonies included healings through absent prayer in Norway, Great Britain, Africa, and Canada, besides many who were healed at the healing rooms.

Since out last circular was issued, we have had two great public meetings, one at the auditorium. The Oregonian reported an attendance of more than three thousand persons; 363 persons testified by rising, to being healed by the power of God. Also, special testimonies were presented, which were: Dr. Wood, instantly healed of paralytic stroke as Dr. Lake laid hands on her in prayer; Mrs. Mary Matheny, healed of forty cancers; F. J. Kelly, healed of multiple sclerosis; Grover Risdon, healed of malformed head and was dumb and paralyzed, believed to be the greatest miracle of healing in the world; Mrs. Ione Stanton, healed from death of glandular tuberculosis; Mr. Roy Ferguson, whose testimony appears in this pamphlet, was healed out of a plaster cast; and many others.

Another great public meeting was held at Oaks Park Rink. A New York medical specialist who was present pronounced it the most remarkable religious meeting he had ever attended, if not the most wonderful ever held in the world. He pronounced Dr. Lake’s address given on this occasion of surpassing power and convincing force and the miracles of healing genuine beyond all question. He visited Dr. Locke and personally examined her and pronounced her absolutely healed.


Head Bookkeeper for the Industrial Insurance Commission Healed of Tuberculosis of the Spine

I, Roy Ferguson, herewith certify, praise God, I am well and perfectly healed and realize the solemnity of this oath. I was twenty-nine years of age the seventh of last January, a resident of Salem, Oregon, 775 S. 13th Street. While head bookkeeper for the Industrial Insurance Commission, I was stricken with a severe sickness, diagnosed as tuberculosis of the bone. The doctors amputated my left leg close to the thigh to try to check the spread of the disease throughout my entire body.

It was a useless effort. The disease next appeared in my spine, until four vertebrae were affected and in a process of dissolution. I was then placed in a plaster of Paris cast, and my suffering was terrible. I came to Dr. Lake’s Divine Healing Institute, 129 4th Street, Portland, Oregon, and in answer to prayer was instantly healed. My years of agony are over. I am now perfectly well, have put on flesh rapidly, and am praising God continually for His saving and healing power, and am praying God’s blessing upon Dr. Lake and his people continuously.


—Roy Ferguson

The healing rooms are open at 10 am to 10 pm for personal and private ministry through prayer and the laying on of hands. Divine Healing Teaching Meetings every day of the week at 3 pm. At the close of this service, all who desire are ministered to for any need of body, soul, or spirit. If you are a doubter, come and see, and tell us what it is worth to you. If you are an unbeliever, bring your sick friends or come with your own difficulty, be blessed of God, and test what it is worth to you. If you are a professed Christian with little faith in God, come and be vitalized by the Spirit and tell us what it is worth to you. If you are the ordinary man or woman of the world and have paid no attention to religious things and have a question mark in your mind, come and see for yourself and decide how much it is worth to you and if real Christianity that gets results and demonstrates them is worth the price.