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  • The Anointing that Empowers the Word  (CD)

    The Anointing that Empowers the Word (CD)

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  • Preparing the Way - CD Audio Book

    Preparing the Way - CD Audio Book

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  • Restoring Your Health (CD)

    Restoring Your Health (CD)

    God wants the body of Christ to be healthy.  You cannot walk in divine health if you are not healthy!  Bad nutrition and lack of exercise has caused us to have a weakened immune system which opens the door to sickness and disease.  We need to partner with Holy Spirit to establish a lifestyle of good stewardship of our bodies.  The purpose of receiving a healing is to walk in health and fulfill our destiny with the strength of God!

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  • The Spirit of Leadership

    The Spirit of Leadership

    Leaders may be found in boardrooms, but they may also be found in families, schools, and organizations of all kinds—anywhere people interact, nurture, create, or build. Contrary to popular opinion, leadership is not meant for an elite group of people who, by fate or accident, become leaders while everyone else is consigned to being a lifelong follower.

    Having personally trained thousands of leaders from around the world, Dr. Myles Munroe reports that while every person possesses the potential of leadership, many do not understand how to cultivate the leadership nature and how to apply it to their lives.

    In this audio teaching, Dr. Munroe defines the unique attitudes that all effective leaders exhibit, explains how to eliminate hindrances to your leadership abilities, and helps you to fulfill your particular calling in life. With wisdom and power, Dr. Munroe reveals a wealth of practical insights that will move you from being a follower to becoming the leader you were meant to be!

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