Healing Rooms Children's Ministry

Dear Parents:

Thank you for your interest in Healing Rooms Kids.  As part of the children’s training, we will be doing lessons, worship, and "soaking” to hear what Jesus is saying.  Praying first for each other, any willing parents and when ready, we will begin to pray for the public.

Our Core Values are:

  • You are important and loved.
  • This is a safe place to lean to learn and make mistakes.
  • Holy Spirit is in charge.  

Main things the Children will learn:

  • Salvation message and being filled with the Spirit.
  • How to hear God; personal relationship.
  • What Jesus paid for at the cross; atonement.
  • Power and Authority; comes from being a lover of God and a receiver of that love and letting that love flow through us to others. "Perfect love casts out fear.” Out of that place of relationship, we learn to trust that Jesus wants to heal people and this we learn how to expect and release that healing to others. 

For more information, please contact me at 509-981-0395


Pam Walker