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Gene J.

Gene J.

January 06, 2022

April 19, 2021 Gene was diagnosed with colon cancer and a lesion on the liver. Gene made the declaration that the Lord healed him. We had healing room team members declare the mass on the colon would dry up and the lesion on the liver would be gone. We followed a nutritional plan of no sugar, dairy, eggs and had Vitamin C IV to build the blood April 27, 2021 The surgeon explain the surgery went will and he could not find the lesion on the liver. I had three friend encourage me to go to the City of Hope , we did not change doctors, however the oncologist we choice had worked at the City of Hope and used a treatment plan she had used while at the City of Hope. She recommended no chemo primarily because the PETSCAN showed no cancer cells. treatment plan was blood draw The two blood draws had high count. Healthy and in the gym. He is whole and healed... We walked by faith, spoke life not death and trusted the Lord to heal. And declared the Glory of the Lord.