What Are The Healing Rooms of Hagerstown?

The Healing Rooms of Hagerstown is an associate member of International Association of Healing Room (IAHR) located in Spokane, Washington. We are a multi-church and multi-denomination and a multi-racial church ministry dedicated to promoting the physical healing of the sick in the Name and by the power of Jesus Christ. We are not a counseling ministry, a church, a pastoral ministry, or a medical unit of any kind. We are a ministry of prayer based on biblical truths concerning physical healing that comes from the power of Jesus Christ. We are a Christian ministry that is soundly New Testament in our basic beliefs.

What Healing Sessions Are Like?

Prayer is confidential, private, and without charge. Appointments are not necessary. You are welcome just as you are.

1.     You will be greeted inside the door and given a form indicating your prayer needs and some personal information. Be prepared to wait for an available team or contact us for an appointment in advance.

2.    You will be invited into a private room with 2 or 3 trained healing team members.

3.    The team will briefly talk with you about your needs.

4.    The team will begin to pray for you.

5.    Sessions last at least 15 minutes.

6.    You are free to express thoughts or questions throughout the session.

7.    Healing is often a process; we will pray with you more than once.

You will be given healing material and a testimony sheet to take home.

Must I Have Faith To Be Healed?

If you have strong faith that God will heal you that is wonderful .We encourage you to grow personally in biblical faith by studying scriptures on healing. We also encourage you to ask God for healing (see Healing Scriptures) through the prayer of faith. However, at the Healing Rooms of Hagerstown, we expect our healing teams to exercise faith for healing on behalf of those who receive prayer. While God can heal you in many ways, including through your own faith, we expect God to use the faith-filled prayers of our ministry teams to bring healing to you even if you are weak in faith.

Should I Continue to Go To A Doctor?

The medical community provides healing through medicine. We are fully supportive of their work and believe that God uses them. Divine healing is not in competition with medical or natural means of healing. You should remain under your doctor's supervision and treatment for as long as you judge it is right for you. When your health is recovered through healing prayer, we recommend you have your healing confirmed by your doctor not only as a witness but also for a confirmation to you.

Should Only Christians Come to Healing Rooms?

No! Anyone who is sick for any reason should come to the Healing Rooms of Hagerstown. We will pray for people of any religion, Christians of any denomination, atheist, and with young or old of any ethnic background. When God touches you, we ask you to let us know what He has done in order for us to keep accurate records of His work in Healing Rooms of Hagerstown. Your testimony will encourage others in their faith to be healed