Last night my husband Ed and I visited the Healing Rooms in Hagerstown for our first time.

I was there seeking relief from the pain and swelling as my ankle has been progressively healing from 3 broken stabilizing bones. At first my husband was hesitant to go with me because he was tired but he heard the Lord say press in.

When I was called back into the room I started to have my husband wait in the reception area, but I felt God wanted him to go back with me and so he did.  Our encounter with the Presence of God was truly amazing!!! We experienced the Presence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as we received physical and inner healing!!!

I thank God for the team who yielded themselves to be used in such an amazing way!!! It was a wonderful blessing.  Thank you for such an awesome ministry!

Brenda 7-16-18



At Healing Rooms today, we prayed together over the flipped over intake page for Ms. E.  Before turning it over, I got the verse Psalm 119:165 "Great peace have they that love your law and nothing shall offend them” (I ‘heard” it in Spanish, which translated says nothing shall trip them up.)  I thought and said that offense had caused a burden and unforgiveness caused pain.  As we prayed and ministered to Ms. E, we never brought it back up. (She had numbness in her legs and feet.)


Afterward we ministered to her adult daughter who mentioned abuse suffered by her mom over many years at the hand of her dad, who’d passed away a year ago.  We were able to pray for the daughter’s needs.  She had said ‘Mom wouldn’t ever mention the abuse in the past at the hand of her husband.’


After she left, our team of 3 were alone.  I felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit that we had not shared that scripture with Ms. E.  I went out front and they hadn’t left yet!  (It was after closing time!). We asked Ms. E. to come back again for more prayer. We shared the verse and she was touched!  She prayed to invite Jesus into her life!  She chose to forgive her husband for the junk he had brought into their home and prayed to break the pattern of abuse and violence over her family.  (Mother of 9, grandmother of 16 and great grandmother of .... I don’t remember how many.)


Thank You, Jesus for second chances!


"There is such great peace and well-being that comes to the lovers of your word, and they will never be offended.”  Ps 119:165 (TPT)



I came in to investigate only to be examined, directed, and healed by the power of God.  Apparently, I was not as far along my walk with God and healing as I thought.  The burden lifted and love pierced into the shadows.  Life renewed.  It is a process-a valuable way to meet God in a better way.  We can grow.  Don’t miss this starting asset to improve life in a complex norm.

S 3-4-18


On September 9, 2017, Kevin came to the Hope Center Healing Room.  He came to receive prayer for his conditions:  anger, drug addiction, and cigarettes.  Prayed for his anger against his brother, he was also ding spices and dealing with demons.  Kevin returned on October 14, 2017, and there was no more smoking, drinking, or use of spices.  He testified of his spiritual growth, but now getting hate remarks from the men at the center because he has changed.


He told us that before he first came to the Hope Center he was found in City Park face down in the pond.  He had to be medically revived.  He had a rough life/childhood, always being teased because of the way he looked, he was called "Rat Boy.”  Now feels the Lord has delivered him from these vices and is happy in Jesus.  He couldn’t wait to see us that month, to share what the Lord has done for him.  He had started working in the Hope Center Kitchen.  Praise the Lord.

Kevin 10-14-17



I came to the healing room on Father’s Day of this year for prayer for an upcoming MRI for brain cancer.  One of the ladies had a number of words of Knowledge which let me know God knew about my situation and I began to feel a real peace. I had been very worried about my exam but when I got the results it was that things were stable and I could come back in 4 months.  I am still trusting God as my healer.

Vernon – 11-15-2017


I came to the Healing Rooms of Hagerstown in August of 2017.  As I entered the building a feeling of warmth and comfort as well as the smiling faces of everyone greeted me.  When I entered the Sanctuary, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.  When the prayer team prayed and laid hands of me, I felt warmth and love.  I came for inner healing and healing of several diseases.  I received words of wisdom about my broken heart.  Praise God that I have been renewed.  My broken heart is mended and I am at a new and more intimate relationship with God.  I did not receive the physical healing-yet.  But the inner and soul healing I received is so much more than I could ever have dreamed to ask for.  With God all things are possible.  Thank you to everyone who serves God through this ministry.  You are blessed to be a blessing.

Dianne - 10-1-2017


The last time I was here my prayer request was for my daughter. She was having some problems at school and they were looking to send here to alternative school. I prayed to God and said to Him, Lord, you know she does not belong there. I said to her she needed to pray herself too and talk with God for herself. Her answer to me was "I have been praying and I know that I do not belong there and I let God know I don't want to go there either.


When we went to the meeting at the school the lady who was in charge of making the decisions said "we are giving you a second chance, you do not belong there. You are staying at the High School for the remaining of the year and we are changing you schedule to change the 2 classes you are having problems with."


God is good. He put in her heart the very thing we prayed for. PRAISE GOD! During prayer, as the volunteers were praying, I started feeling a strong since of peace coming over me. AS they continued to pray in agreement with my request I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in the room and I felt the Holy Spirit embracing me. It was God letting me know all would be ok.


I thank the Lord for this group of gifted-anointed men and women of God and I am grateful to God for putting this ministry in my path.



I came in due to anxiety and issues with fear and left feeling empowered and was given knowledge and tools to maintain and gain the peace of God.  Wonderful team, who you can tell loves the lord.

Mindy,  January 15, 2017


In March 15, 2016, I was operated on for breast cancer. The picture doctors painted for me was not good.  However, I came to your prayer time before surgery.  The surgery went fine as I knew it would.  They suggested again Chemo and radiation.  The was my third surgery dealing with cancer.  I always refused treatment but when it showed itself the third time the Spirit within me told me to seek more prayer partners.  I read about you at that time and decided God wanted me to come to your House of Prayer.  It has been seven months.  Recently I had an exam and all is well.  Thank you, Jesus, and Christians who believe in healing.  There are days this evil one thinks he is so smart but he forgets who he is up against.  Thank you so much for "Healing Rooms.”  Praise be to my lord and savior the almighty God.

Phyllis, November 11, 2016



I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as the volunteers were praying for me.  I shared with them a little bit about me reason for coming to the healing rooms. Two of them said they felt from the Holy Spirit that there were things in my past that were passed down from my mother’s line of the family.  As they kept praying the presence of the Holy Spirit” got heavier and heavier.  After a while I just felt as if something was lifted up off me.  Praying here was just an affirmation from the Lord that He wanted me here.  I give Him Praise, Glory, and Honor for all He has done in my lift, my children and my family.  Thank you Lord God for all you have in store for me.  Thank you for loving me more than I love myself.

Joselin, November 11, 2016

As I was getting chairs for setting up the healings room across the hall, the other healing room team, noticed I was limping.  After they prayed for my ankle which had been broken 11 years ago in a fall, I felt warmth in my ankle and was able to jump on it agreeing with their prayer for complete healing for the ankle.  Even when I use it heavily.

Eldon  November 11, 2016


I came having a lot of mental clutter that was holding me down. I knew when I came that there wasn’t going to be any condemnation or shame placed on me.  I was taken back to a room where three prayer warriors quickly brought the issue to light.  I was majorly set free and had a love encounter that I never experience before. Thank you, Jesus, for this mighty ministry.

A. J. November 11, 2016


 I experienced deep love and acceptance of Jesus and release from guilt and condemnation. I also saw the scourged marks with my name and the desired healing on them and Jesus's loving desire to heal me.  The Holy Spirit deeply directed the direction of the prayer team intercession and it was completely on point-100% accurate. It was a "God thing".  After the healing session I experienced deep peace and calm and refreshing. I am so very grateful for each person's availability and desire to pray for other. 

Carol 9/20/2016


Praise the Lord!  His hand, voice, and compassion are still at work!  My husband and I received prayer ministry for healing of neck, head, and shoulder pain.  Instantly, as the beautiful prayer warrior interceded on my behalf and prayer for emotional healing and I wept and felt a great release.  The prayer warrior saw things in the Spirit and peace and blessings.  We returned in the evening to the healing rooms.  After prayer for relational restoration and release of neck tension/lock-ness and after anointing prayer and words of wisdom, my neck released about 50-79%.  Agreeing in the Spirit for complete healing and neck release, we continue to offer thanks, remembering the joy of the lord is our strength and that he who began a good work in me will bring it to completion.  He can do abundantly more than we are ever ask or imagine—according to this prayer that is a work within us—to Him be glory in the Church and in Christ Jesus.

Lori   6/5/16


I was overjoyed to find 3 humble, gentle and loving individuals that prayed for me. I came in today for several issues that afflict my body and they patiently went through each one. They also spent time listening and giving me comfort and encouragement through their testimonies and through Scriptures. Just beautiful hearts. God bless!

Bonnie  /17/16


I have had such a battle with depression. My emotions have been way out of control. Even just as I drove around today after Church feeling such heaviness, brokenness, and even thoughts of suicide. As the prayer warriors prayed with me, I felt the heaviness leave and I walked away with such peace, and have a good plan for my future, and He is with me in this storm.

Samir 6/5/16


 I have been to the Healing Rooms of Hagerstown more than once. On more than one occasion I came needing prayer for some issues. I was set free and have been walking in a New Freedom with Jesus I never experienced before. Thank you Jesus.

Julie 6/5/16


Came in February 2016 needing prayer for some issues. While talking, the Holy Spirit revealed there was a generational root of anger that was passed down and a root of anger from childhood. I was set free, thank you Jesus. The anger root was choking off some other areas that needed healing I had a major breakthrough.

M.F.  (January 2016)


Good evening, ...   we have a praise report. Our son brought his son to the Healing Rooms a few months ago. Our grandson is very well versed in the Bible, in fact, that's all he was reading and his mother thought he was going off the deep end. So she took him to a therapist and he as given drugs to act " normal " according to her. I just wanted to report that our grandson ... is doing wonderfully. Thank you so much for your prayers. Our son thanks you all so much.

H.C. (sent 2-18 16)


I came in on January 3, 2016 - my back was out of place and it was affecting my left hip. Muscle spasms. There were five that prayed for me and I didn't feel any difference for a while. But we began to pray for another in need (I am part of Healing Rooms). As we prayed for someone else, I noticed all my pain left. I didn't feel like my back was out of line any more. We just stood there and praised God for His healing power and faithfulness.

Bernice (1-3-16)


About three months ago I attended Healing Room of Hagerstown for prayer over affects that I was having as a result of surgery for an attack of cancer.  During the session I was asked if I had any heel pain.  I had overlooked this because I had gotten use to the pain I was having.  For four years since treatment for the cancer attack I experienced tremendous heel cord pain.  I was unable to put my feet flat on the floor when I got out of bed and I could not go down steps with a normal pattern.  After prayer I immediately had NO heel cord pain.  Three months later I am still pain free!! Praise God!  Thank you Lord Jesus! 



My Brothers and Sisters prayed for me. The burdens I was carrying have been lifted! Praise the Lord!

Brian - Nov 2015


This is David. My wife and I visited the healing rooms on Sunday July 5th. You prayed with us and encouraged us very much that night. Our prayer was for healing of the fatigue I had been suffering from for 4 years and for the hopelessness that had arisen in our situation.


I took to heart everything you guys said to us, the Words of the Lord, the power of Scripture and proclamation thereof. We have been waiting a long time to walk into healing and weren’t expecting a sudden turn around. As I mentioned we have tried many things, and gotten somewhat better, then worse again, and we truly were despairing.


As we drove home I began to proclaim the word of God over our lives, over my health, singing songs from my upbringing that I had forgotten, e.g. "No weapon formed against me shall prosper, no kingdom raised against me shall stand...” I began to accept the Word as truth for NOW, not for later. I said to myself "If I am healed, then I am healed, and if not, then I’m not, but I AM healed, therefore there should be nothing I can’t do that I could do before.” Thus, this past week I have gotten a glimpse into the meaning of the mind as a battleground. Each day of the past week I have had to proclaim God’s word over my life, out loud, over and over, until the battle was won for that day, and I could walk in peace, in truth. And I have won the battle each day, and walked in great peace, in truth, in victory, and in strength. I have done more in the past week than I could have done probably in the past 6 months.

This may be a rather long letter, forgive me. I feel it is important to that I stress the magnitude of change, to glorify God.


On Monday, we had a very busy and somewhat stressful day, meeting with a mortgage broker then our home inspection. I got up 2 hours earlier than I normally could do, and we were on the go until about 7pm.  Typically, such a day as this would leave me utterly exhausted and broken. Instead, I walked in the truth of God and power of His word. I felt strong all day and when we came home, rather than crashing, I was able to take care of Lauren by making us dinner and cleaning up.


Tuesday and Wednesday I worked, and again, felt so strong and sure of my strength, not waiting for it to fail me as so often it has. I came home from work feeling uplifted and empowered in God’s strength, rather than exhausted. I felt no need for a nap, which would previously have been almost essential to getting through the rest of the day. I ate whatever I wanted, paying no heed to the severely restrictive diet that I had been following. A few days prior, eating the wrong thing (i.e. ANY sugar, even certain fruits, white rice, potatoes, even eating a little too much of anything) would have resulted in terrible sleep and more exhaustion, and probable depression. I never had any problems with any food prior to the fatigue. I now view these problems as a curse, and it has been revoked forever by the power of word of God in Christ Jesus. I have been eating anything and everything I have wished to, with thanks, and have had no adverse effects. I have slept well and felt good. Praise God!


On Thursday I went out for a walk, and on the basis of acting in faith that I would not be tired from exerting myself, I ran about a mile and a half. I used to love to run, and it was one more thing that I had to give up, along with so many other things that require energy. But I felt great for it, and on a day that I would usually HAVE TO rest (i.e. after 2 days work), I felt energized and accomplished much, joyfully. I was then able to return to a very busy day at work on Friday, and walk through the day in great peace, blessing the people with whom I work, giving of myself without fear that there would be nothing left to give. Amen. I even went out with Lauren for a long bike ride after work on Friday, no problems. Praise God!


I imagine that someone might read this and suspect that I am overdoing it and setting myself up for a fall again. But I repudiate that in Jesus’ name. As you spoke over me, my life is to glorify God, and certainly this tiredness has not done so. The lessons I have learned shall glorify Him, but not the sickness. I knew (but was perhaps scared to hope so) that the healing room may be a turning point in our lives, in my health. I now FEEL the power of God, of His word, in my bones, in my flesh, in my spirit. It is real, it is there, and suddenly I have hope again. I had just about run out of hope and of faith, and now, suddenly, they are growing like a ferocious beast, consuming the lies of the enemy and destroying them, trampling them down. I am walking in the power of the blood of the lamb, and the word of my testimony, to His glory. Praise God.


I cannot emphasize just how impossible any of this would have seemed just 8 days ago, before I came to see you - to write of faith and hope, to walk in it. It is time to do so! To glorify the Lord!


Saturday and Sunday were much of the same ilk as Monday through Friday. I made a point of resting a bit more this weekend than I had during the week. Indeed, I think this is wise and a normal thing for anyone to do. I did not rest though out of pure need, but rather from a choice to act wisely and to take care of myself.


I took my wife out on Saturday and we had a FUN day together. We have not had a fun day together in a long time.  She was so greatly encouraged.  Then yesterday we went to Life Center in Harrisburg, a charismatic church that I had hoped to attend. For the first time in probably over 2 years I was able to stand in church and glorify God, to praise Him with all my heart, and be l strength even more as I did so.  We had people pray with us for continued healing, and for hope.  My wife has had such sadness from all of this, and her hope has taken perhaps more of a beating than mine. She has been scared this week to hope that I might actually be getting better, for fear of the despair that would return if I failed yet again. Yesterday she was able to start hoping, to begin to believe that things might finally, after 7 years of hardship, be getting better. Since we got married in 2008, I have had 3 heart surgeries, none of which went smoothly. Then we moved back to Pennsylvania, and that’s when the 4+ years of fatigue set in. I can say that we have been through fire and through flood, through the storm, and suddenly we are blinking in the brightness of the sunshine, trying to take in the width and breadth of this new place of abundance into which we have been brought by the Lord God (Psalm 66:12).


We have taken to heart much of what you all said to us. We have been immersing ourselves in worship music, praying together, proclaiming aloud the word of God over our lives. I have ordered the book you recommended, "Hope Beyond Reason”, and I plan on devouring some Derek Prince teaching soon thereafter. I know that God will use our lives greatly to His glory, and I believe for a ministry of healing, to MANY people.


I cannot say enough how thankful I am for your faithfulness to Him, and trust and belief in our God as a healer, today. I have gotten my life back, in an instant, and I will go from strength to strength, in His power. Amen. Praise God.


May our Lord bless you all, and multiply your ministry and your joy in Him. I trust you will share this for God’s glory. I hope to see you guys again in the not-too distant future. Be well.

David (7-5-15)



           What I experienced Sunday, January 18, 2015 at the Healing Room of Hagerstown was so very touching.  I didn't know what to expect.  There were four people in the room with my husband and I.  They asked some questions about me and where my pain was located. After a man gave his testimony, they asked me if I wanted to be anointed and I said yes.


That was some night because I felt the warmth of Living Waters going through my body and I know there were 7 of us in that room not 6.  Yes, I couldn't stop talking about Jesus.  When I went to bed that night, I was just overflowing with all the things I heard about Jesus.  I know that I am a Christian, but it's so different to hear other people talking about the One who took our place on that Cross and bore those stripes for us.  Jesus is so much alive.  That night He was with us!  By his stripes I am healed!



In December 2013 I was diagnosed with colon cancer.  I had surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.  I went to Healing Rooms of Hagerstown several times during the course of my treatment.  When I went to the Healing Rooms, very kind and loving Christians anointed me with oil, laid hands on me and prayed fervent prayers.  They also encouraged me with scripture promises of healing.  I felt so much love and concern from each member of the team and felt the presence of The Holy Spirit.  The director of the Healing Rooms called me several times and prayed with me over the phone. 



October 31, 2013. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer.  After prayer in the Healing Room and various churches and ministries I was diagnosed a "cancer survivor, "within 7 to 8 months.  The cancer I had was described as "aggressive” and my oncologist said I had "months or a year” to live.  But he said he would go after it aggressively.  I too was aggressive in seeking prayer in many places and God is good and delivered me by His Word, doctor’s care, and essential oils.  The primary Words, I stood upon were:

" By His stripes I am healed.:  (I Peter 2:24)


"It is Jesus’ Name and the Faith that comes through Him that has given this complete healing.”  (Acts 3: 1-16)


"For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal these of thy wounds.”  (Jeremiah 30:17)


"He sent His Word and healed them” (Psalm 107:20)


"Who forgives all our iniquities; who heals all our diseases” (Psalm 103:3)


I spoke these and other scriptures out loud over myself several times a day.  God is Good.  When I asked my Muslim Egyptian oncologist at the end of the chemo in May how much time I had, he said:  "It is up to God."

Peggy (1-18-15)


My problem was pain in my left side. For three years, Doctors couldn't find anything wrong. So, July 2013 I went to Healing Rooms of Hagerstown for the first time to have prayer concerning this pain. I was prayed for by a team of ladies that were so filled with the love of God in them that it poured back out to me. I found out God was not only interested in healing my physical pain but all of me, spiritually and emotionally. I felt that night my life changed and healed. Not only physically healed but set free from the pain of the past, lies of the enemy, and things that were stealing my hope and joy. God is Awesome and loves each one of us so much.



Thank you and God bless you. I have had back pain for years. I have been going for chiropractic care at least fifteen years. I have had a lot of prayer for my back. No healing! Three of God's healing, praying, Spirit filled people prayed with me and for me to end my back pain and praise God, I did receive a healing while




Note from the director: I talked with her two months later and she told me, "twice since that healing the pain tried to come back but I rebuked it by saying- you're not taking God's healing away. Today I am pain free.”


I visited the Healing Rooms of Hagerstown on a Sunday in December of 2013. I went there to be prayed for healing of fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome. While I am not 100% whole again I did arrive there in pain but I left pain free. I equate my improvement in 2013 to prayer. I began to notice improvement in March 2013. I have come a long way since I was mostly home bound and bed bound 2009. My healing has come a little bit at a time and I am getting stronger and doing more as the months go by. I also requested prayer involving my spiritual walk and I left that night having been granted my request. It was a very powerful experience. The whole experience was amazing and I plan to return. I believe in the power of prayer and that healing can occur. I am grateful to God that this wonderful place of healing is right here in Hagerstown, Maryland. God bless those who are giving of their time and talent to make this happen. I am telling all those in need of healing to go visit the Healing Rooms of Hagerstown



I came to Healing Rooms of Hagerstown in quite a lot of pain. I was so delighted how a team of two ladies and a gentleman prayed for me. They were godly and yet very professional in our time together. I had been suffering with arthritis in my knees to the point I was unable most days to function. I left the Healing Rooms of Hagerstown different than I had arrived. I was given scripture along with a continuation since that evening of healing. I also loved the booklet and healing cloth I was given. I am so impressed with this ministry and have told others. Thanks to each involved, please know you are making a difference. In His love,



I came for prayer for my business, family and direction in September of 2013. I felt the presence and anointing of the Holy Spirit. I was encouraged and felt real peace concerning my family and that God gave me revelations concerning some of the spiritual things that needed to happen.



Severe pain from a frozen shoulder forced me to ask for prayer at the Healing Rooms of Hagerstown. The orthopedic doctor advised me to visit a physical therapist that might help relieve some of the pain. I did but found little relief. Interestingly, one of the three prayer team members in my prayer room was a Physical Therapist. She gave me both physical and spiritual advice as well as the others on the team. Every person spoke hope into me and came against the fear of never getting relief. I left encouraged but still had pain. That evening one of the sisters called me on the phone. She shared how she and another sister received the same scripture for me right after I left. "And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden (the enemy's burden) shall be taken away from off thy shoulder and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.” Isaiah 10:27. Several days later the Lord ordered my steps to a Christian Chiropractor who used laser treatment on my shoulder and arm. In eight sessions, my pain was totally gone and I could finally sleep at night. I know that evening from the Healing Rooms of Hagerstown the Lord began to lead me to the answer for my healing. At times God uses doctors. He is faithful to lead us to the right one when needed. I believe that scripture led me to my place of healing. My frozen shoulder is finally loosed. The pain is gone. God has intervened again in my life. The Healing Rooms of Hagerstown was the turning point for my victory.



I came to Healing Room with many needs. I received prayer because my back hurt but other needs were revealed that day that I had no idea God wanted to heal. I asked for prayer for my back and the volunteers prayed for my back and that I would walk straight (upright) too. And then one of the volunteers asked me if I had any burdens that I was carrying around with me. And then it just poured out of me, I didn't know if my husband loved me any longer because it had been a long time since he had told me he loved me. I felt like we were just living together with no love or affection for each other. We were not fighting with each other, just no love. And then the volunteers prayed in earnest for us. I tell you after that day we had a revival in our marriage. My husband could not wait to get home that day. We talked a long time and our marriage has been so changed after that prayer. We love each other very much and the love was there before but it was buried deep down under many things. He has been a different husband and I'm sure I have been a different wife too. I'm very thankful to God for bringing that love to the surface of our lives that day at Healing Rooms.


And thank you volunteers to be willing to pray for people so God can work in their lives.
Sometimes even unexpected blessings come from God. And I walk straighter too.
Praise be to God. Thanking God all the time.


"The Lord is the strength of my life”. Psalms 27:1