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Greg R.

Greg R.

August 02, 2020

Hi Keith
Before you even prayed for me you said "your sore throat is healed"...that really stirred up faith in me. When you prayed I felt the sore throat would leave. After the first time it was somewhat better then you prayed again and it left. Since that prayer my throat has not hurt at all! On Monday I felt a little phlegm. And I spoke to the phlegm and told it that it had to leave too and it did. Throat has been perfect for a week now. A real miracle!!

So definitely unbelief will stop a healing. I feel like I need to focus on the healer instead of what needs to be healed. Standing on his promises helps faith to remain steadfast instead of keep referring back to the physical problem.

Thank you Keith. Really felt the Holy Spirit working through you Sunday during the Online Healing Rooms!