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Carmen D.

Carmen D.

February 12, 2022

I experienced a release from a weight I have carried because of what I (as well as the rest of the family) was forced to endure with my mother for much of my childhood. When I followed the Healing Path To Forgiveness process, I experienced an immediate freedom and a lovely abiding peace that still remains with me. I am deeply grateful to the Healing Ministry Team for helping me through this healing process. I have been using this process for anger, worry, anxiety, self-guilt, it is quite effective and a Godsend! This healing path has been a huge help to me personally. Your teaching on surrendering one's imagination to Christ was extremely helpful. We are to have the compassion of Christ upon those we are forgiving because they themselves have suffered brokenness in their own lives, just as my mother must surely have. This teaching from your pamphlet gave me understanding.

Carrie M.

Carrie M.

September 25, 2021

I suffered from generational curses on both sides due to witchcraft in the form of Freemasonry, Santeria & Spiritualism practices.

I started suffering from a “Twin Flame” connection after getting a tattoo from the practitioner. Turns out he was suffering from demons as well which latched onto me in the form of a familiar spirit.

I was being tortured mentally as far as paranoia and schizophrenic like symptoms. I started to fear everyone even my own family. I was also molested and raped by demons daily.

I was deep into New Age and threw everything away. New Age opened doors that were never meant to be opened & that allowed Satan to access me directly. Books, Yoga mat, sage, anything idol like was burned or trashed. I stopped smoking weed and vaping. Cold turkey.

After that I felt a little better but still was being harassed by cold winds and demonic forces in my house and in my mind.

I researched deliverance around my area and miraculously came across “The Healing Room” and emailed them.

Tom emailed me back shortly after and we made an appointment to get me delivered.

Deliverance was an amazing experience. I highly recommend it if you are ready to walk with God. It isn't meant to cleanse you; you must be prepared to change your life.

I also have a completely torn ACL that they prayed over, and it hasn't caused me pain since.

Hallelujah! All of the Glory is to God.

The Lord Jesus Christ is King and now I walk in my God given authority that He gave me before birth. With that newfound authority, I cast out devils the second I feel them, and they are afraid of me.

Hallelujah! I am now walking in my God given authority and I thank you all for all of your help. Healing Room is amazing!



May 06, 2017

My daughter, age 26 came to the healingroom a couple of weeks ago for emotional healing. She was immediately delivered from the Spirit of Rejection from being estranged from her dad and older half brother. She repented of unforgiveness & bitterness towards them. Two days later, her dad called her and made up with her over the phone. Her dad is now a spirit filled Christian and lives next to a Bible College in Florida. They prayed over the phone and she decided God wanted her to go to Bible College with her fianceâ. She is moving to Florida to reunite with her dad and he is building her a house to live in while she attends school. She has also made up with her brother and they have been enjoying deep conversations by phone. Thank you for this amazing ministry!!



April 29, 2017

I came for healing due to dark, depression. My sister died 6 months earlier after a 3 year battle with cancer. The holidays nearly buried me in grief. My son & brother and their families have blocked me out of their lives, so I was alone. God put me in a fabulous prayer group in my new city, although when I came for prayer at the healingroom, I was flatline, emotionally. When the two ladies on the HR prayer team prayed with me it opened a door to my soul, through Christ, that allowed the sweet Holy Spirit to lead me out of captivity from my past. Today-though occasionally I still battle depression, I noticed that I came up to the surface very quickly now. And I feel hope now! Iâm still praying for reconciliation with my family- with HOPE. I am truly a "Prisoner of Hope".