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Alyssa R.

Alyssa R.

September 15, 2023

Your team prayed for my shoulder, which was in severe discomfort, tingling from my right shoulder/back down to the fingers, and perhaps a pinched nerve in my right chest. Along with the prayer rooms, I sought out a trusted friend to pray. Praise the Lord, my shoulder is completely healed! Seriously, not a single recurrence of discomfort or tingling, even after I've increased my weights for my weightlifting class. Thanks to your team for being faithful! Thanks be to God, the Giver of all good gifts.

Stephen J.

Stephen J.

June 30, 2023

For the past 14 months, I had coped with plantar fasciitis on both feet after an overuse work injury, and the discomfort had persisted as I had reinjured it several times since then. After sharing my situation with the team, they prayed a few times for healing in my heels. After prayer, the pain, which had been regularly a 3-5 depending on the day, disappeared wholly: the pain left. Interestingly, and perhaps somewhat unusual, in the days since receiving prayer, the pain is gone, and it feels like my heels are somehow taped in support, even though I'm not actively taping them (as I had for some time previously). The day after receiving prayer, I put in an entire workday, including carrying heavy items, and did not experience my usual discomfort. All praise to Jesus for the healing!

P. S.

P. S.

December 27, 2017

Over the last three years I had suffered with five skin cancers on my face, four basal cell carcinomas, and one Squamous cell carcinoma. With the symptom of number six appearing on my left temple, we prayed in the Healing Room that it would test negative the next day when a biopsy was performed. The actual bulge was anointed with oil, and was prayed over.

The results of my biopsy was received in the mail two weeks later, "Your biopsy results are benign (normal)".

My response was one of great celebration. No needles! No knifes! Halleluiah!

God was glorified by the demonstration of His power and love once again.