...for I am the Lord Who heals you. Exodus 15:26

Oh Lord my God, I cried to you and You have healed me. Psalm 30:2

Northgate Healing Rooms, Spokane, Washington

"All pain left my body when I got prayer at the Northgate Healing Room. Thank You Jesus!" L.G.

"My grandson (age 4) was hitting, kicking and biting other students and the teacher at his preschool I asked people at the Northgate Healing Room to pray for his behavior. His kicking, hitting and biting stopped right away and his behavior has been good at home and at his preschool every day for a month since prayer on his behalf." L.L.

"I had peripheral neuropathy, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, emphysema, restless leg syndrome, and used a cane and could not stand up to worship. After prayer at the Northgate Healing Room I was totally healed." C.H.

"Varicose veins, leg numbness and pain all gone after prayer." T.D.

"Healing of right shoulder. No pain! Full range of motion." C.B.

Golden Gate Healing Rooms, Goldendale, Washington

We had a lady come in with an irregular heartbeat. While praying for her the Lord sent an electric-like current through her body and brought her heartbeat into a correct pattern. It reminded me of jump-starting an engine. It was something to see!

A man came in for his shoulder and God decided to heal or replace his knee cap joint. He couldn't quit talking about it!

Another man came in for prayer for his hip that had been replaced in surgery. He hadn't been able to really move it full range until Jesus touched it with healing and he has full movement now!

Peninsula Healing Rooms of Virginia, Hampton, Virginia

Delia had been going to the Healing Rooms quite often on Tuesday nights. She went to the doctor and decided to ask him to listen to her lung. Previously the doctor couldn't hear much activity in the lungs as the diaphragm was virtually paralyzed. On this day, however, the doctor could hear air flowing in and out