...for I am the Lord Who heals you. Exodus 15:26

We at the Healing Rooms who pray for those in need know, above all else, that it's all about Jesus and the Holy Spirit's presence to heal. How refreshing to be reminded of the many ways God works. Be ready; stay expectant.

THROUGH ART A woman from Missoula, MT was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and given two years to live. When she came to the Healing Rooms to receive prayer, she was shown a painting in the room that simply said, "hope." As she looked at the painting she started to weep and told the prayer servant that her tunnel vision from the cancer just widened. Then the pressure in her head from the tumor disappeared and liquid started to seep out of her ear. When Elaina went into the doctor to get checked they found no trace of cancer in her body!

THROUGH OBEDIENCE TO PROCLAM GOD'S HEALING A woman came for prayer who had tumors in her neck and was recovering from thyroid cancer. While at
the Healing Rooms she bought a book of healing scriptures to speak over herself. When she went to have the tumors biopsied, as the doctor stuck the needle into the tumor, it disappeared in front of his and the nurse's eyes. Denise was proclaiming God's word over herself out loud during the process. The doctor was so flustered with what he witnessed, the medical tray was knocked to the floor as he backed up out of the procedure room.

THROUGH A PRAYER CLOTH A man wrote in: "Thank you for sending the prayer cloth. I wanted to tell you since requesting the prayer cloth, my back is feeling much better and I got a new job today."

AT A HEALING ROOMS TRAINING I attended a healing training and received pre-service prayer which was right on and very powerful. On Monday when I went to my physical therapy appointment for the restoration of mobility in my broken left wrist, she was totally amazed at how improved it was and said I required no further appointments with her.

DURING A PRISON OUTREACH During an "Invasion" at a central Kentucky prison, a volunteer minister had severe pain in her back and across her shoulders. After prayer she praised the Lord for removing the pain. Later she asked for prayer for a headache and was healed!

AT WORK A nurse entered a room where a newborn was struggling to survive because of underdeveloped lungs and heart. She called on the Lord and suddenly there were angelic warriors in the four corners of the room filling it with the Glory of God. She softly spoke what she heard the Lord say, "This baby shall live and not die." The child began to break through and continues to live.