What God has done for one, He will do again for another!

Golden Gate Healing Rooms, Goldendale, Washington, USA

Our Healing Rooms aren't even open yet, but God is showing up and healing our team at our trainings. People are even going out into their every-day life and having healing encounters in the community.

  • Last week a woman's bladder was shifted back into place and healed. She was amazed that God could do that.

  • I saw someone else this morning who was just as excited about her shoulder joint that was healed and for the first time she could move it full range. People are anticipating meetings each week.

  • Another woman had her knee replaced and her legs shifted to the same length.

  • A Pastor that attended a training had her hips repaired and her leg lengthened.

  • Another person had prayer for a headache and in the process her spine was moved and adjusted

  • Another member was set free from emotional problems.

Each week I watch the anointing mature in people, and the unity is building even more. When we finally open, its going to be awesome!

Shelton Healing Rooms, Shelton, Washington, USA

A lump was found pressing on the outside of my bladder. The doctor sent me for another test to find out what the lump was. Before that test I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. After the new test the doctor called me saying no lump or tumor was found. It was gone! He said he knew I had cancer when I left his office. Now it was gone! Further tests show no lump or tumor. Carolyn S.

In March of 2008 I was diagnosed with a heart problem. The squeezing function of the heart was not working correctly. I saw a heart specialist who put me on medicine for six months. When the doctor re-checked my heart it still wasn't functioning properly. The doctor wanted me to go to the University of Washington Hospital to be checked. A week before that appointment my step mom brought me to the Healing Rooms for prayer. Later when I went for the check-up the doctor said my heart is working right! Richard S.

River of Hope Healing Rooms, New York, New York, USA

A lady from the Dominican Republic was healed of a heart condition. She needed heart surgery but the Lord did the miracle!

A lady named Milagros, which is Spanish for "miracle" was healed of several tumors, three of which were attached to her brain and a few around her body. She came to NYC from Puerto Rico to receive an operation, but Jesus got to her first! After ministry the tumors totally disappeared!

Rick, an ex-drug addict came for ministry, admitting that he was diagnosed with HIV. He was on heavy medication, but rather grew worse (Mark 5:26). After the team ministered, he went his merry way with encouragement that God had done the miracle. About three months later, he came back with the testimony that his recent blood test SHOWED NO SIGN OF THE HIV VIRUS! Praise the Lord!