Prayer Directives


Stacia Thompson

Greetings from Spokane!

Wow! Can you feel the shaking? God is really moving and transitioning things all over the earth. I felt like this newsletter was to be filled with prayers from His Word. God is calling forth an army of Kingdom people to join Him in releasing Heaven's agenda onto the earth. So let's declare these prayers into the atmosphere around us!

JESUS' PRAYER FOR DISCIPLES - John 17: 6-19 This is an amazing prayer that Jesus prayed on our behalf. The realization that He is at the right hand of the Father always making intercession for us should be our biggest source of encouragement in this hour. If God is for us, who can be against us?

JESUS' PRAYER FOR UNITY, GLORY, AND LOVE - John 17: 20-26 Let's really meditate on this part of Jesus' prayer. This is the biggest place that the enemy targets. Let's purpose in our hearts to be an answer to Jesus' prayer!

OVERFLOWING HOLY LOVE - Philippians 1:3-4, 9-11 Now we move into the Apostolic Prayers of Paul. These are prayers from the heart of a spiritual father to his "kids" in other nations, always with the purpose and intent of edifying and building them up in their faith.

FILLED WITH THE KNOWLEDGE OF HIS WILL - Colossians 1: 2-4, 9-12 This is a prayer that I would like us to release over all the Healing Rooms around the world. Again this is a powerful Apostolic Prayer that is saturated with the purpose of God!

FULFILL YOUR CALL - 2 Thessalonians 1: 3, 11-12 This also is a prayer to be released over all of Healing Rooms Ministries. That we would fulfill the call, destiny, and purpose in our lives individually and corporately. We will all finish the race well!

I'm going to quote the last three paragraphs of Chuck Pierce's newsletter titled,

Some of you are saying, ' I don't think I can do this, I don't think I can go up again. I don't have the strength to go up.' But I am going to show you weapons that have been hung up. I'm going to show you weapons you've never used before. This is the beginning for your next season. You will end strong and begin stronger. There will be truth rising in front of you this week. I will show you how I have put truth down deep in you. This truth has lain dormant until now. Truth will rise up and you will have new thoughts now.

The worry and the fretful thoughts that have been emanating from you will now change. You have been fearful that you would miss Me or be out of My time! I am reordering your thoughts. I am reordering your steps. I am reordering your prayers. You will pray a thing and develop a new confidence in Me. I am reordering your confidence this hour. Over those little things that have captured and gnawed away at your strength and your productivity, you will now overcome and recapture the spoils that have been taken from the portion I have given you. They will come back into your keeping.

My people have quit governing the spoils that I have called them to govern. They've not had the dominion strategy that I have longed for them to have. Now I am restoring the government of the spoils back to My people .Many of you have felt disconnected. Many of you have not understood the call of the army. A victorious army moves together into the fields where the spoils have been taken and says, 'Give it back! Give it back!' Many of you have allowed your gift to grow cold. You will see your gift coming alive and Me restoring a quality of your gifting that you felt you had lost. This is a time to move forward into a synchronized, victorious understanding of how I will take the fields.