Entering into the New Season


Since Healing Rooms Ministries began 12 years ago, we have not seen a time such as this. We are in awe at what God is doing. It is as though there is an extreme change up. Everything is shifting into Kingdom alignment. God is getting us ready for the heavenly invasion we have been reading about. The atmosphere at the international office is filled with expectation and anticipation.

In October, as I attended the Voice of the Apostles Conference in Lancaster, PA, the Holy Spirit captured me. He said, "Everything is going to change." He really got my attention, when He said, "When you minister, I'm tired of being your spectator." He said, "When you go up to the pulpit, you take notes and a book, but I am going to give you an option. You can take a book or the Author." I had always known that if we had meetings where it was only the Holy Spirit and the lost and sick, that there would be no limit to the demonstration of God's power of love. The Holy Spirit was saying, "I am going to show you how I desire to work." He called me to fast for 40 days beginning, November 1, to learn to hear what He is saying. He said, "What 'I' say carries the power, what 'you' say releases it." I have entered into 40 days of learning how to hear the Holy Spirit so that He can minister without being restricted.

I have known for a long time what's coming and is here, in regard to the current state of the world. I also know that as darkness covers the earth, the glory of the Lord will arise upon us. (Isaiah 60) We are about to enter that season in 2012. We have cried out for signs, wonders and miracles. I have desired to see limbs grow out as extra ordinary miracles take place. This is what's coming as the glory of the Lord comes upon us. The Holy Spirit said, "I am preparing you for this. When limbs begin to grow out, barrenness will be broken and you will see mental illness, down syndrome, and crippled children healed continuously. Every kind of sickness will fall under My power."

He said, "You must contend for this, for this is what the nations desire to see. This will come by My Kingdom and bring my glory upon the earth. This will provide My answer to a fallen generation. As I am preparing you, My light will arise upon you and your brightness will cause the people of all nations to come to what I am doing. This must be received by My bride everywhere. I am your God and I will do it!