The Place of Intercession


Tom Benson, Head Intercessor

Let's talk about intercession, at one time I read that all intercession was prayer, but that not all prayer was intercession. I believe that is a true statement, but if that is a true statement then what is intercession? Intercession has been described as travailing prayer, praying through and burden bearing. I have been saying for some time that intercession was going to look different going forward. One morning, not too long, ago I asked the Holy Spirit about this and His reply was that,"You need to go to the place of intercession." I wasn't exactly sure where that was when He responded, "It is at the right hand of the Father, where Jesus ever lives to make intercession for us" Hebrew 7:25

I believe that we need to spend more of our prayer time being still before Him, waiting to enter His presence. It is a place where Jesus would withdraw from the crowds and His own followers. The place from which He could say, "I can only do what things that I see my Father do," John 5:19

It is from that place that you can begin to declare and do what you have seen, it is not so much about interceding as it is about entering in. True intercession is about seeing and to see clearly takes a level of consecration and being a vessel set apart, something that we don't see enough of. But that is beyond the scope of. But this article, for now we need to be encouraged to approach our prayer and intercession in a little bit different light.

Blessings from Spokane,
Thomas Benson