Cal Pierce

The Great Awakenings


Major Truths RestoredMajor People
Year 1500-1800
1st Great Awakening - (Righteousness)
Repentance from dead worksMartin Luther
Water BaptismA.J. Gordon
Divine HealingA.B. Simpson
Year 1900-1950
2nd Great Awakening - (Holy Spirit)
Baptism of the Holy SpiritCharles Parham
Prophetic PresbyteryEvan Roberts
DeliveranceWilliam Seymour
Year 1960-1980
3rd Great Awakening - (Peace)
Peace - Jesus MovementKenneth Hagen
Faith by Word of GodJohn Sanford
Personal ProphecyBill Hammond
Year 1999-Now
4th Great Awakening - (Joy)
Joy, Holy LaughterRandy Clark
Five-Fold MinistryJohn Arnott
Office of the ApostleRodney Howard Brown
The Kingdom of GodPeter Wagner
 Bill Johnson
Seven Mountain Mandate
for City Transformation
Johnny Enlow

5th Great Awakening - (Kingdom of God)
Bringing the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven
The fullness of God who fills all in all (Ephesians 1:23)
Completeness of the first 4 awakenings to fulfill Romans 14:17, "For the Kingdom of God is not eating or drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit."
The body of Christ
1st Awakening - Righteousness 
2nd Awakening - Holy Spirit 
3rd Awakening - Peace 
4th Awakening - Joy 
5th Awakening - Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit
This is the Kingdom of God in His body 
Each awakening set into the body of Christ an aspect of the five-fold ministry according to Ephesians 4:11-13.
1st Awakening - Pastors 
2nd Awakening - Evangelist 
3rd Awakening - Teachers/Prophets 
4th Awakening - Apostles 

The 5th Awakening is five-fold and will establish a mature church that will move into the fullness of Christ.

A second Pentecost will come upon the church to move it by the power of the Holy Spirit so that the Kingdom of God will no longer consist in word, but in a demonstration of power.

It is this activation that will begin the 5th Great Awakening and bring the Kingdom of God upon the earth in the fullness of miracles, healings, sign and wonders.



Cal Pierce

Director of the Spokane Healing Rooms