Friendly Fire


Elaine Perkins

With all that is going on in the world people are fearful and people often react to fear with anger or issues of control and all too often lash out at others. As the Body of Christ we are to be Kingdom minded and keep our focus on Him and His truth. God's perfect love will cast out all fear. We are to love Him and love each other expecting the best in people and certainly those we are in relationship with.

Lately it seems things are really stirred up in the enemy because he has been trying extra hard to bring offenses and attacks against leaders in the Body of Christ and even closer to home, those in leadership with Healing Rooms. The truly unfortunate thing is that often the attack is coming from "friendly fire". What is our responsibility when we hear things we don't like or someone offends us? The word says in Matt. 18:15 we are to go to the person first. So often our understanding of a situation is only in part. Most of the time we don't know the whole truth or understand a person's heart and therefore it is our responsibility to go to the source and get clarity and truth. As we all know unity is a key, especially in Healing Rooms, but it is something we consciously choose to walk in. It does not mean we are all the same or that we even agree on everything, it's a unity of spirit.

Unity is something still missing in the Body of Christ in general. When we automatically believe things we hear or even read on the web concerning ministries or leaders and talk about them to others we cause division and damage to the Kingdom acting as the accuser of the brethren (Rev. 12:10). When someone publicly attacks others in the Body of Christ it shows a lack of integrity as well as a wrong spirit. Although we need to be discerning, let's all remember to encourage each other in truth, to edify one another and build each other up in the love of Christ. Pray for one another, bless your leaders and hold one another to accountability in what we do and say. It's time for the Church as a whole to rise up in maturity. We are on the edge of a breakthrough for the MORE. We believe the time is soon when people in the news media will come to us to report on the good news as so many will be manifesting miracles that they will be interviewed in our parking lots. Let's keep our eyes looking up, keeping a humble heart and expect to see a great increase come forth.

Healing Rooms all over the world are blessing others and advancing God's Kingdom! Let's continue to help advance the Body of Christ together.