Translation of IAHR Materials Spreads


by Debbie Powell
IAHR Manager

As Healing Rooms go into the Nations we need to be able to give the people materials in their language. This has developed into a translation department within IAHR. The first translation we received was the booklet "How to Start Healing Rooms" in April, 2004, which was translated into Spanish. Before fall of that year the entire IAHR Training Manual had been translated not only into Spanish but also into Dutch.

I never tire of receiving new translations. I am very aware of the commitment of time those who translate give to the materials. Over the course of time, I have come to understand that translations are not usually word for word. Many times the translation needs to convey the idea or the concept the materials are trying to express. We have come to learn that a single word, like healing, can have a variety of meanings. It is important for the word to be translated to mean Christian healing by Jesus versus a secular or even demonic meaning. We have also come to understand that to speak a language does not guarantee a person's ability to be able to translate. Therefore, it is important for those who are translating to have a command of the grammatical language as well as an understanding of Healing Rooms Ministries mission and heart.

At the moment we have the most complete selection of translated materials in Dutch and Spanish. Other translations we have some materials in are: Chinese, French, German, Hindi, and Tamil (language of India), Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Swahili with the newest translation being one of Cal's booklets into Chinese. We are looking forward to the completion of other materials in these languages as well as Danish and Finish. Though the printed word is easier to translate than the Training DVDs, we did receive the DVDs translated into Japanese. Laura Friend, our San Clemente Healing Rooms Director, who translated our materials into Spanish, has been looking into ways for our Training DVDs to be recorded into other languages.

Laura updated the Spanish version for the conference last summer in Tijuana, Mexico. At that conference many pastors from Mexico, Central America, South America, and even Spain came to receive from Cal and the team. They were able to take the materials home, and a door was opened into the Latin American nations!