We Need Each Other


by Jessica Gerdes
Partners in Healing

Has anyone felt like there is more available to us if we just had a bigger circle of supporters? If only we had more people looking out for us and lending a hand or resources to help us get through until the next season? Well, I would like to share one such example that really reminds us of our worldwide connectedness.

Recently, we received an association payment for the Healing Rooms of Sunland-Tujunga located in California, with a note stating the extra money was for a Healing Room that was struggling. Being in accounting and knowing some of the financial struggles, I believe this is a prophetic declaration for what is to come. I have been sensing for at least a year that if we could get a hold of the truth that the "new wine is in the cluster", and we learn how to nudge up against one another, that we would all see much increase (miracles, provision, and advancement).

Cindy Jacobs wrote in a recent letter titled "The Power of Convergence", that 2009 is the Year of New Wine. She says that upon awaking the Lord said "the new wine is found in the cluster" and gave her the scripture, Isaiah 65:8. She further spoke how when Dr. Lance Wallnau was in her television studio and that his prophetic message was about the cluster or new wine anointing.

I believe that in the everyday business of running Healing Rooms and balancing all of our other responsibilities, we may forget to look up and "see" our help. In the times of Acts when all the people pooled their resources together there was never a need unmet. It says in Acts 4:32 "The group of believers were united in their hearts and spirit". We too are united in hearts and spirit. Whether Director, Co-Director, Team Member, Staff, or Intercessor we all are united around the world in a common vision to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons! If any of you out there feel alone, please remember how many of us there are around the globe and the amazing damage we are doing to the enemy's camp!

Remember to call for help when you need help, and to look around when you have plenty. As this army advances, let us do it arm-in-arm.

God Bless you!