A 2012 word from Intercession


Thomas Benson

About 4 weeks ago the Lord spoke something very clearly to me. I usually get impressions or a feeling from the Lord as He brings to my remembrance things that I have heard before or have read before, but He does not speak directly to me all that often. What I am trying to convey here is that we are always in communication but for me, when He speaks, it's an event. What He spoke to me about 4 weeks ago, I felt at the time, was a corporate word, it wasn't until later that He let me know that it was also a personal word for me and for you.

Here is what He said to me, "You need to understand that what I am getting ready to do is absolutely unstoppable, even your unbelief can't stop it, nor can your lack of faith stop it." What this means is, that there is nothing in your life, no weakness, no sin, nothing that He will not take care of. He told me, "I will do for you what you cannot do for yourself."

This doesn't mean that you can now put your feet up and wait for God to show up. It means that you have the following two options to choose from. Either one you choose will bring to you the full manifestation of God in your life. The first option being, you can fall on the rock and become totally shattered; the second option; as one prophet was told, you can let the rock fall on you and it will absolutely grind you to powder. I personally am going to fall on the rock like never before!

One other thing He said was, "Tell the people to build a spirit of expectation in their heart, I know that there has been a lot of hope deferred but this time they will not be disappointed." I am sure that most of you have heard some of the prophetic words that have been swirling about since the Japanese tsunami. They prophesy that great earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis were coming to America, but they could be partially dismantled by intercession. Others say these catastophic events are the judgement of God on America and will not be deferred by intercession. I am not going to go there, I am waiting for God to speak to me what He wants me to hear. But keep in mind, when you read His Book, that throughout the scriptures, no matter what calamity came upon the earth, God always provided an "ark" for His people. Today we just need to hang onto His promise.

The last thing that He spoke to me was, "Do not let my theology, my doctrine or the things that I believe that I know stand in the way of what He was getting ready to do." I believe that in this coming year, we are going to experience a real death to self and the things of this world. I believe that God is going to truly rearrange what we have done in His church, it is not so much a time for repentance as it is a time for transformation. Get ready! This is a fullness of time, a moment in history, a set time in God.

Thomas Benson
Spokane Healing Rooms Head Intercessor