A word from Intercession


Thomas Benson

This is a year of foundations, God is in the process of laying new foundations for the things that He is already preparing to do. He is also repairing some of our existing foundations. Several weeks ago the Lord began speaking to me about checking my foundation and making sure that it was built on the rock, making it very clear, the rock is Christ and His finished work.

I was told that if any portion of my foundation was built on the sand, or in other words, anything that was not Christ, then it would not be able to endure the storms that were coming.

Earlier in my time with Him, He reminded me of the words of Paul to Timothy in 2 Tim. 4:9 It read, "Be diligent to come to Me quickly." I knew that God was saying to me directly, "Thomas, be diligent to come to Me quickly." I knew that there was timing involved in this word and that God was asking me to make my foundation sure, to come into much more alignment with Him. I feel the urgency of the Lord in this, not just so that we can withstand the coming storms, but making sure the foundation is strong and complete, because your foundation will determine your ministry for the Lord. The foundation determines not only how large the house will be but how tall or how many floors it will be able to support.

I truly believe that God's focus on our foundation at this time is because we need to make sure that Christ and Christ alone will and must be our underpinning going forward. This will mean a return to meditating on the finished work which is the blood and the cross.

I want to encourage you to make sure that you are prepared for the storms that are coming and the ministry that the Lord has for you. Get your foundations solid so that when the storms do come, you will be able withstand any waves of disparity.

Thomas Benson
Spokane Healing Rooms Head Intercessor