When opportunity knocks...


This month we had a guest speaker named Doug Addison. When Doug spoke here last, it was 11/11. In the middle of his meeting last November, he stopped midstream because he and Director Cal Pierce both recognized that the Angel of Opportunity had entered into our meeting. Doug then led us all to receive "opportunity" from this Angel.
In his sharing this time about what has transpired since November, he really focused on the "opportunity" that has come in many ways to his ministry and his life. He has great testimony to the favor he is experiencing. When he left here last November he activated this in his life by simply stating what he wanted. When someone would ask him a question like "What do you need?", he would reply "$50,000 to start to begin the reality show that the Lord has revealed to me." In the last 3 months he has received $30,000 of it. He has many other examples of doors swinging wide open, things that don't happen naturally.

Speaking out transparently really struck me as an important key that we all can collect on. We can be an active player in accessing favor. So to start we can all learn to correct our speech to speak that which we desire and not anything that tears down.

1 Corinthians 10:23 NAS

All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful, but not all things edify.

To activate this personally and corporately, Before the Partners department prayed for our Partners this week, each one of us closed our eyes and spoke out declarations about ourselves truths that we know from God. We spoke decrees over our families. We spoke out the prophetic words we have been given. We spoke out our desires. We spoke out our dreams. We spoke out over the Body. We just kept taking turns speaking things out. When someone's declaration was so good we borrowed it for ourselves, too! This was so fulfilling and spirit rich! By the time we went to pray for Partners, we were so full and had so much to pour into the prayer requests that we want to do this often. I encourage each of you to take the time to enjoy and release all the good that God has stored up inside you and declare it out of your mouth. I believe God is "all in" to fulfill the good work He has started in you. He just needs your agreement!
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