What's Up For 2009


Elaine Perkins

As I look back on 2008, eight being new beginnings, I am so aware of the changes in my own life as well as the ministry. On a personal note, I became a grandmother, twice! How awesome it is to see your inheritance come forth. Healing Rooms has increased, birthing many new Rooms around the world which is also part of our inheritance. We have seen God bring forth strategies for a shift in leadership. He has raised up new leaders where there were none (Region 5) and raised up leaders to help leaders in Region 6. We now have an assistant Regional Director, Sheila Parnell, who is helping Marc and Lydia Buchheit with the Northwest area and Alaska. The state of Washington also recently acquired a new state director, Lorella Losa, with Darrell and Darlene Watson staying on board as assistant directors.

This is a time of shifting and repositioning. Some will shift into temporary positions while others will shift into the places God has called them to, on a different level. The shift has been going on but now is the time others will begin to recognize who and what God has called you to. Be willing to embrace each others gifts and callings and focus on Him and what you are supposed to be doing.

As leaders, mentor and release sons and daughters in the faith, they will all walk in a greater authority and increase of power. This is a time for the baton to be passed, not for the older ones to step down but for the sons and daughters to step up. In this release, the fathers and mothers will go higher too.

I feel 2009 is the year of fruitfulness. We have all been declaring big things in our lives and our ministry that we are still waiting to see come forth. I believe this is the year we will see many things come forth which we have been contending for, so now is not the time to be discouraged or complacent. Now is the time to be encouraged and expectant!

God bless all of you as we enter this new time. Let's look for the best in what God is doing and the best in each other. Encourage each other with words of life, coming into agreement with each ones destiny.

You are all so appreciated and loved!