What God has done for one, He will do for another!

Georgia Healing Rooms, Chamblee, Georgia (Atlanta area)

Healed of Nerve Damage from Cancer

I came to Healing Rooms to continue to receive healing of nerve damage to my left hand and arm caused by a spinal tumor. A recent MRI showed no return of a tumor that had disappeared from my left lung, and no growth of the tumor remaining on my spine.

The prayer ministers prayed for circulation to return to my left hand, which was cold and discolored. As they prayed, then praised God for His mercy, my hand began to shake. Before our eyes, my hand regained its healthy color and strength was restored to my left arm. I am praising God for continued healing in my body.

Cancer Healed

Last year I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma. I came in for prayer 3 times before having surgery for the tumor. After the surgery, the pathology report was "benign." This occurs only 5% of the time! Praise God!

Spot on Lung Healed

After prayer for healing of lung cancer in Healing Rooms, medical tests revealed that the spot on my lung was gone. Thank You Jesus.

Shingles, Nerve Pain and More HEALED

I had shingles and resulting post hepatic nerve pain. After medical treatment to control pain, I suffered a staph infection, and then I was in a serious automobile accident and suffered extensive nerve damage which compelled me to retire from teaching music.

While I was receiving prayer, I felt a release of burdens and self-condemnation. Then, as they prayed for the neck injury, I felt a terrible pain which was more severe than any I had ever felt. The minister explained this was the enemy trying to hold on and the pain would go away as we kept praying. My body became HOT and then the pain left. PRAISE GOD!

As I received prayer for the nerve pain in my back from shingles, the spinal cord became hot starting at my neck all the way down my spine into my hips. I felt tremendous joy bursting forth