What is in your house that you are leaving as an inheritance?


I have been thinking about how God is a generational God.

He wants us to think in terms of the inheritance we are leaving for all those who will come after us, not just our natural children. What are we doing that will leave a lasting impact? Who are we pouring into? Are we asking Holy Spirit for wisdom and understanding? Do we even recognize what we have to give to others?

I have many conversations with a wide array of people. It is interesting the things that come out of our mouths, both good and bad. I have noticed throughout my Christian walk that many times parents diminish their roles on the earth as if being a parent is not important or does not have the same impact as other types of ministry. THAT IS A LIE! When I think about what parents do on a day-to-day basis, it is amazing to me. Parents literally pour into the next generation and all those that will follow. They dispense wisdom, courage, strength, understanding, encouragement and the list goes on and on; and they do this every day as they raise their children in the knowledge of God. Parents impact the world! They are history makers!

But what if you do not have natural children? Does that mean that you do not have an inheritance to leave? NO! Each one of us has been given things that we are passionate about. We all have multiple gifts and talents given to us by God to help influence the generations. Sometimes we just forget to look around to see what is in our house; what we have to give to others. Many of whom will become our spiritual children.

Think about the loaves and fishes. They looked around for what was available, asked God to bless it and fed thousands. It was natural provision, but it also taught a spiritual lesson. It is a testimony to this day which impacts the world. Think about the parable of the talents and how those who stewarded what they were given received even more to steward over.

When we recognize what we have in our house, use what we have and ask God to bless it, there is no end to the inheritance that we leave. There are unlimited ways that God wants to partner with you to impact this and future generations. If you have not recognized what you possess or think that it has diminished over the years, will you ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you what you have to offer and how you are to pour out your life to leave an inheritance to future generations?

(Helpful hints: Did you forget that you send great notes of encouragement; that you are an amazing teacher; that you enjoy cleaning and helping others with their housework; that you are passionate about the Word and about people hearing from God through the Word; that you know just the right time to give someone a call; that you always notice the people on the fringe in any gathering and reach out to them; that you buy a little extra food every time you go to the grocery store to give to those in need; that you know how to engage people in conversation while sitting drinking a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee house; that you give money to help others achieve their dreams; that you love to rock babies and tell them who they are in God; that you buy little gifts for the people you work with to brighten their days; that you smile and laugh; that you always have a thankful heart. The things that you do and the gifts that you possess are endless! Just think about it.)
You are a gem! We need what you have - now and for future generations!

Today, February 29, is the anniversary of my mother's moving to heaven. Her name is Eleanor Glass. She was passionate about teaching, always saw the potential in people and pulled it out of them. She got personally involved in the lives of thousands of people throughout her years and many times ended up teaching their children as well. She was extremely generous with her time, money and talents. I am honored to have that type of inheritance. She left a huge impact!